Hardiness zone 4 – plant that can grow or need this temperature, although it’s provided only the zone number it’s divided for two different low temperature A and B, it will be written in the plant if it’s will be A or B and if it’s not written it’s both, if A mentioned it’s mean for the hottest pick point that the plant can’t survive hotter that this temperature and if B mentioned it’s mean for the coldest pick point and can’t survive colder that this temperature, it’s not accurate because each zone range of temperature.

Some plants require the cold temperature, plants that require cold temperature can be: in order to bloom, bear fruits, germinate, grow or just to survive. Other plant only survive in this temperature but actually prefers hotter temperature and can survive small amount of low temperature.

Hardiness zone 4 temperature

A −34.4 °C (−30 °F) −31.7 °C (−25 °F)
B −31.7 °C (−25 °F) −28.9 °C (−20 °F)

List of plant that can grow Hardiness zone 4