Dandelion growing herbaceous of the genus Taraxacum and also known as Taraxacum, Dandelion biennial or perennial plant, can grow in mediterranean, desert, subtropical, temperate, tropic climate

Leaves edible the shape is like lion teeth (Dente de lion) pinnatisect in the color green

Flower color yellow is edible the buds also edible and used for beverage, the flower when there are seeds become white head round structure like small feathers and each "feather"  connected to a seed that blown in the wind

Root grow as tap root and edible, the taste is a bit sweet, the tap root is white

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Dandelion leaf
Dandelion flower
Dandelion leaves
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How to grow: 

Requirements for growing Dandelion:
Cool weather

What is the best way to start growing Dandelion:
Plant / Seedling / Seed

Is it necessary to graft or use vegetative reproduction in Dandelion?

Difficulties/Problems with growing Dandelion:

When is the best time to plant a Dandelion plant:
Autumn - frost free area / Spring - temperate climate

Pests and diseases in Dandelion:

When is the best time to prune a Dandelion plant?
Autumn - frost free area / Spring - temperate climate

How to prune a Dandelion:
Recommend to prune the flower to not have seeds cause it's invasive

What is the size of a Dandelion plant?
10-110 cm

Growth speed in Dandelion:
Fast growing

Dandelion Irrigation Water Management:
Small amount of water

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing Dandelion:
Full Sun / Half Shade in warmer climate

It is possible to grow Dandelion indoor?

Growing Dandelion is also possible in a planter /flowerpot / containers:

How much water the plant needs: 
Plants sun exposure: 

When does Dandelion bloom?
Spring / Summer

General information about the flower:
Yellow flower can be 1-5 cm

Thinning / Deadheading of Dandelion Blossom:
Before the seed recommend to thinning

Pollination is done by:

Uses of Dandelion flower:

Blooming Season : 
Flower color: 
Edible leaves: 

When to trim Dandelion leaves?
All year

How to trim Dandelion leaves?
Trim the leaf in the base of the stem, young leaf more tender

Information about Dandelion leaves:
Leaf in the shape is pinnatisect "like" lion teeth (Dente de lion) in the color green

Uses of Dandelion leaves:
Eat raw, salad, cooked when it's older


Information about  Dandelion tap root:
White tap root

When to pull up Dandelion tap root:
After the plant establish in the second year recommend to pull it

Uses of Dandelion tap root: