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Privacy policy:
Other than upon receipt of express prior written request, Grow plants. may store information with regard to any user and/or guest and/or any person who registered and/or applied to Grow plants. via this website and/or who had visited this website as well as to make any use for direct mailing purposes in hardcopy or via the internet of any type whatsoever, whether for marketing or for other needs of Grow plants.

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Store purchases, customer club and forum:

Notwithstanding the above, the website includes a virtual store, operated for the convenience of out internet guests and users. The aforementioned shall apply in full to store purchases as well, and the following is to be construed in addition to the above.
Making purchases on the website is entirely and unequivocally subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, which shall apply to any action on the website, whether for making a purchase or for any other purpose, and any customer, user and/or guest declares and undertakes that prior to making any purchase, they have read and understood the terms and conditions herein and that they, or their agents and/or affiliates, shall have no claim and/or demand against Grow plants. and/or the website operator and/or any party associated with them.
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Persons eligible to perform any transaction, including purchases, on this website are: any person aged 18 years and over who lawfully holds or has the legal right to use a credit card issued and subject to clearance by one (or more) of the clearing companies operating as per legal requirements and which is valid as of the date of the transaction.