Thank you for thinking of my website to highlight your brand or your products!

Summary of the different things that I offer

  • Advertising , duration of one month, 30$ the first month, then 20$ month the following months as the visual remains the same
  • Guest post: 50-80$ depend the amount of words need to be at least 500 words (more it’s less money)
  • Article of at least 500 words 120$ (because I write the article and it’s must be include photo)
  • Facebook : sharing a video, a photo or a link on my page or group: 10$
  • Instagram : sharing a photo or video: 10$
  • Review products – need to send me the text and 60-80$ depend how much the product connect to my site
  • YouTube video review on product – (free if I have need for these products and need to send the products for free and I am located outside of the state) can be more than one video but when I have already similar products the price for video 50$-100$ it’s depend the time of the videos and how many videos I will do
  • Gest video 50$-100$
  • Gest post and video 80$
  • Promotion in all the social media and google (for articles, videos and guest post) will be 40-80$

The links for a period of one year after this need to renew the links or will be deleted


The articles or the videos can be about few topics

  • Gardening tips
  • Plants (Patent Cultivars)
  • Tools
  • ..
  • Indoor products: like led light, small
  • Green house
  • Gardening products if all kind
  • When there are related option (please contact)


Advertisements in the sidebar

Minimum of one month. I do not accept animated gif, only stores whose products are in line with the editorial line of my website are accepted. The sidebar is visible on all the site pages propose an advertising zone in the sidebar of my site, by periods of duration (in the desktop and in the phone it’s in different location, as well as on the homepage.

Send me an email at [email protected] with the link of your site. I will answer you as soon as possible to inform you of the availabilities as well as for the creation of a quotation.

Article post and videos

Article post

Publication of the article will be done following this approach:

  • Receiving your product or the course, and testing from me if necessary (or just information about it)
  • Once is paid, I write the article by agreeing on the topic.
  • Write an article original article of minimum of 500 words
  • I publish the article until next month, and I send you the link once it is published – I do not accept proofreading before publication and after publication one time proofreading
  • Link pointing to your brand or page

Full Article promotion

It can be sponsored articles for your products. These articles are in the form of an article of content: houseplant, indoor plant, green, tools, fertilizers, tips and more… showcasing your products.

A Guest post but ensures you to be featured on my site with:

  • Quality article, with content that allows the insertion of your brand in a natural way
  • Dofollow link pointing to your brand
  • Content that stays in place with no time limit
  • Sharing on Facebook at least once with a tag to your page
  • Share on Pinterest in boards
  • Sharing on Instagram
  • Few links inside the website to the article (negotiable and for certain time)
  • Video (only if it’s possible)
  • Sponsored videos
  • Receiving your product and testing, if necessary

Full videos promotion

  • Video of the time that you choose (possible more than one video)
  • Article that will show the video from youtube
  • Link pointing to your brand from youtube and the website (dofollow)
  • Content that stays in place with no time limit
  • Sharing on Facebook at least once with a tag to your page
  • Share on Pinterest in boards
  • Sharing on Instagram (if it’s possible)

Affiliate links and Videos

Affiliate links

I do not accept, unless very favorable conditions, new affiliate links, Indeed, for an affiliation to be effective, you have to spend a lot of time and talk about products very regularly. I only want to engage in this process for products that are useful to my readers, that respect my values, and that will allow me to pay my hours of work with a fair remuneration, also

  • Online bookstore whose affiliation conditions would be more interesting than those I currently use
  • sales of plants and products
  • Training in ecology, permaculture, books, video tutorial,
  • Much more
  • And you need to write the article about the affiliate link and need to be original of at least 500 words

Affiliate Video

My YouTube channel have more than 14,000 followers, product review will be efficient but I will need information about the products, why it’s unique.

Possible to make more than one video that will explain on the product, but need reason to do so, better to add to the video also an article that will explain more and also will the video will be shown in the website, (but I need unique text and as I saw in my other website this more efficient)

I can make affiliate video for your products in those condition

  • Product need to be connected to the channel
  • Information about the product (send it directly to the mail all the information)
  • Need to send me the product and pay for taxes if need

Growplants in Numbers


  • Above 85000 users per month
  • Above 200,000 page views per month

Social networks

  • Instagram: +1500 followers
  • Facebook subscribers: page +10500 likes, and group 8000+
  • Pinterest: +850,000 monthly viewers
  • Youtube: +14,000 subscribers

Guest post and guest video:

Guest post

Guest post need to be connect to the website in some ways (you have the option in the top), guest post can be free if it’s to promote ideology but if it’s course or products need to pay

  • Write an article original article of minimum of 500 words
  • Link pointing to your brand or page
  • Must be picture that taken by you and original (size at least 1000*1000 and I will edit)
  • Guest video
  • Guest video need to be original and connected to this channel but when send me th
  • Video need to be in high quality
  • Be aware that I add content to this video
  • The rights of the videos are belong to this channel
  • Need to be unique
  • Can be also video that will be like question and answers and also will be two people in this videos
  • It’s not most to be edited ( I will edit)
  • Can be article that will be connected but you’ll need to write it and the price might be little bit different

Free guest post

Propose me a specific subject + photos

Send me an email to [email protected] . The purpose of this email is to introduce you, but especially to tell me what your knowledge, your skills can bring to my readers. Tell me why i  want to publish you for free!

The idea at this stage is that you offer me one or more specific ideas of article (s). If you want to have every chance of retaining your idea, think about:

Have clear and precise proposals, with a brief description of the potential content of the article

Separate your propositions from each other: if you propose me several ideas, make it so that I can easily differentiate them from each other!

Propose a theme that is not already treated on the site

Offer me skills that I do not have or few.


Your story ideas should add value to my website, teach new things to my readers. A guest post is NOT an article that talks about your blog or your site, it is NOT an article of presentation of you, your blog, and your platform.

I also ask you to send me one unique picture that could possibly illustrate the article. I attach great importance to the illustrations of my website, and I publish articles with photos of high quality: bright, clearly representing what you want to illustrate. Your photos must have been taken by you and at least 1000*1000px in good quality

If we summarize, before sending it to me, check that your email included:

  • One or more clear proposals for articles
  • One photo that would illustrate these articles