Kale grow and care – leaf plant of the genus Brassica also known as Borecole, Kale can grow as perennial evergreen, annual or biennial plant also used as ornamental, grow in temperate, mediterranean or subtropics climate and growing in hardiness zone 2-10a spring planting 10a-11 in autumn planting.

Kale leaves

Leaves colors can be: green, dark green, green blue, bright green, dark purple, purple green, purple, turquoise purple, red, green red, pink, turquoise, white, black, gray, burgundy, light blue, blue and all the shades between those colors. Edges color: light green, white or pink, leaves vein color can be in: green or purple.

Leaves size 5-30 cm, leaves figure can be: curly, wavy frizzy or flat sometimes with bumps, shape of the leaves: acicular, rhomboid, ovate, acuminate, pinnatisect, elliptic and more, edges of the leaf: crenate, dentate, entire, lobate, serrate, sinuate, curly and more.

Most varieties of kale prefer cold weather, in hot summer most varieties become bitter, several varieties not become bitter in the sun and some not become bitter in shade, after cooking less bitter.

Don’t be confuse with Collard greens

Flower color yellow, the small flowers grow on inflorescence.

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Blooming Seasons
  • Spring flowers
  • Summer flowers
Edible Parts
  • Edible leaves
Culinary uses
  • Cooked
  • Eaten raw
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Salad
  • Stuffed or Wrapped
Flower colors
  • Yellow flower
  • Mediterranean Climate
  • Subtropics Climate
  • Temperate Climate
Harvest Season
  • Autumn Harvest
  • Spring Harvest
  • Summer Harvest
  • Winter harvest
Leaf color
  • Black leaves
  • Blue leaves
  • Brown leaves
  • Gray leaves
  • Pink leaves
  • Purple leaf
  • Red leaves
  • White leaves
  • Yellow leaf
Ornamental parts
  • Ornamental leaves
  • Ornamental plant
Plant growing speed
  • Average growing plants
  • Fast growing plants
Plant life-form
  • Annual plant
  • Evergreen
  • Herbaceous
  • Leaf plant
  • Perennial plant
Plant Uses
  • Edible plants
  • Ornamental plants
Planting Season
  • Autumn Planting
  • Spring Planting
  • Winter planting
Plants sun exposure
  • Full sun Plants
  • Part shade Plants
  • Shade Plants
Watering plants
  • Big amount of water
  • Regularly water
Hardiness zone
  • Hardiness zone 10
  • Hardiness zone 11
  • Hardiness zone 2
  • Hardiness zone 3
  • Hardiness zone 4
  • Hardiness zone 5
  • Hardiness zone 6
  • Hardiness zone 7
  • Hardiness zone 8
  • Hardiness zone 9