How to grow Amaryllis

Amaryllis plant grow and care – herbaceous geophyte bulbs of the genus Hippeastrum also known as Amaryllis Hippeastrum or just Hippeastrum, Amaryllis plant perennial deciduous used as ornamental plant, can grow in mediterranean, desert, subtropics, temperate, tropics climate or indoor as houseplant with the right care, growing in hardiness zone 9-11 (possible to keep the bulb in the soil) 4-9 (need to keep the bulb over the winter indoor).

Leaves color green in linear shape and grow connected group as a spike.

Amaryllis plant flower

Flower color can be: pink, white, red, purple, yellow, orange, bordeaux or can be more them one color sometime the flower has darker color in the border of the petals like delimiter, shape of the flower “like trumpet”, or double flowering

Amaryllis can grow indoor as houseplant but won’t bloom need sunlight when the spike of the leaves start to grow, when its bloom you can put it back home

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How to grow Amaryllis plant growing instructions and care condition:

Well drain soil, if it’s the weather in the winter its cold need to put the bulb outside of the soil indoor

How to care:
Fertilizer in spring after the last frost (better before the bloom stems start to grow), in the autumn add mulch especially in location colder than hardiness zone 10a include

What is the best way to start growing?
Plant, seeds (explanation bellow), bulbs, vegetative reproduction

Propagation by bulbs:
Propagating by bulb can be all the year but better to do so in the autumn to mid of the winter, the moment that the leaves die can start to divide the bulbs, just separate from the mother plant

Is it necessary to graft or use vegetative reproduction?
Yes, some of the cultivar are fertile the seeds are not viable and must start by bulbs, also when start to grow by seeds need to be aware that the color of the flower might be different than the mother plant and also takes few years to bloom from seeds

Difficulties or problems when growing:
Short interesting season

When is the best time to plant?
Spring in hardiness zone in hardiness zone 4-9, spring to summer in hardiness zone 10a, End of the winter to spring and possible until early autumn in hardiness 10b, all year in hardiness zone 11, better not to plant in the summer to autumn

How to plant the bulb:
Planting in the beginning of the season, dig bigger hole than the 5 times more than the bulb and add humus and organic matter mix it with the soil, plant the bulb 2cm (1inch) from the top of the bulb and transplanting in the dormant season

Pests and diseases:
Bores, nematode, bulb mites bulb flies

Pruning season:
Summer to autumn

How to prune:
Cut all the leaves

Size of the plant:
20-70 cm, 8-28 feet

Growth speed in optimal condition:
Medium growing / Slow growing

Water requirement:
Small amount of water to average amount of water

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing:
Full Sun / Half Shade / Full Shade (won’t bloom) and better

Is it possible to grow indoor as houseplant?
Yes, but need to expose to sun before blooming season

How to grow and care indoor:
When the leaves start to grow after the dormant need to expose the plant to sun (better full sun) the moment that the bloom stems fully grown and can see the buds possible to put it back in the shade

Growing is also possible in pots, planter, flowerpot or containers:
Yes, when growing in container the plant (with one bulb can grow in 2L (0.4 gallon) and possible and better 5L (1 gallon), well-drained soil and better to use potting mix or something similar, every few need to check the soil that it’s still viable and if not take care of the soil by washing the old soil and put new, but in order to get flowers after a lot years need to check that the roots system not fill all the planter, if it’s full need to reduce that amount of plants or to increase the size of the container

Blooming information

Bloom season?
In cold climate spring-summer, in hot climate winter-spring

General information about the flower:
Trumpet like flower can be in color: pink, yellow, orange, white, red, purple, can be more them one color sometime the flower have darker color in the border of the petals like delimiter

How to grow Amaryllis plant from seeds

Sowing requirement:
Soak the seeds especially if it’s not fresh seeds,

How to grow Amaryllis plant from seeds

Sowing requirement:
Temperature 21-25C (70-77F), soak the seeds at least 24 hours, keep high humidity and moist soil

Saving seeds and care until sowing:
Dark and dry location

Sowing season:
End of the summer to autumn

How to plant:
Plant in peat soil or other heavy soil the keep the moist

Planting spacing:
For transplant 2*2cm (1*1 inch) and directly 10*10cm (4*4 inches)

Depth of Sowing:
0.5cm (0.25 inch)

Conditions for seeds germinate:
Moist soil, high humidity and half shade to full sun

Watering requires for Seeds:
Average amount of water / Big amount of water (don’t let it dry)

Germination time:
2-10 weeks and might take longer

Condition of seedling:
Moist soil, full sun, better temperature above 25C (77F)

Do the seeds require burying?
No, but better to keep the seeds in refrigerator for better result


Black pearl – flower color boudreaux and in the middle almost black

Picotee – flower color light pink to white with prominent hedge in red

Aphrodite – flower full color light pink to white with prominent hedge in pink

Pink surprise – flower color dark pink

Minerva – flower color red or dark pink with white in the middle

Scarlet – flower color red with white in the middle

Double flowering – flower colors can be: pink, yellow, orange, white, red, purple or more than one color with double set of petals

Tinkerbell – flower color pink with light pink in stripes edge wavy

Ferrari – flower color red

Elvas – flower colors can be white with spots red or pink in the middle

Scientific name:


Alternative names: Dutch amaryllis, Giant amaryllis, Amarillis

How to grow Amaryllis

Amaryllis plant grow and care

Amaryllis plant care

Growing Amaryllis plant

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Amaryllis white flower

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Aphrodite Amaryllis

Amaryllis flowers


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