Stuffer tomato

Stuffer tomato growing plant of the genus Solanum, Stuffer tomato annual to short perennial evergreen plant, perennial tomatoes suffers or die due to the cold of the winter, in less cold area, there are varieties that can survive the winter, vegetative reproduction can maintain high quality seedlings in the greenhouse to next season, Stuffer tomato grows as vine or shrub, can grow in tropic, subtropical, mediterranean, temperate or desert climate.

Flower color yellow the flowers grow in clusters.

Fruit color can be: red, yellow or can be striped in yellow and red colors, shape round build from 3-5 lobes the tomato is hollow mostly in the middle and good for stuffed tomato because of this the name stuffer.

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How to grow: 

Requirements for growing Stuffer tomato:
Warm weather, ground full of nutrients, Trellising, for determinate should trellising like cage, if u want to help the Stuffer tomato survive more time you should cover the base of the plant with ground

What is the best way to start growing Stuffer tomato:
Plant / Seedling / Seed / Vegetative Reproduction

Is it necessary to graft or use vegetative reproduction in Stuffer tomato?
No, but it's possible to use in vegetative reproduction

Difficulties/Problems with growing Stuffer tomato:
A lot of pests

When is the best time to plant a Stuffer tomato shrub / vine:
End on the winter beginning of the spring, in cold area in late spring

Pests and diseases in Stuffer tomato:
Aphids, Frost, leaf miners, slugs

When is the best time to prune a Stuffer tomato plant?
All the season

How to prune a Stuffer tomato:
Rotten stems and leaves, week stems

What is the size of a Stuffer tomato plant?
0.5-3 m 1.5-20 ft

Growth speed in Stuffer tomato:
Fast growing / Medium growing

Stuffer tomato Irrigation Water Management:
Average amount of water / Big amount of water

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing Stuffer tomato:
Full Sun

It is possible to grow Stuffer tomato indoor?

Growing Stuffer tomato is also possible in a planter /flowerpot / containers:

Planting Season: 
How much water the plant needs: 
Plants sun exposure: 
Edible Parts: 

When does Stuffer tomato bloom?
Start in 15-80 days

General information about the flower:
Little yellow flower

Thinning / Deadheading of Stuffer tomato Blossom:

If thinning happening should check the root, watering and try to hand polinate

Pollination is done by:
Bees and other pollinator, pollinate by hand, some of the species self-pollinator

Blooming Season : 
Flower color: 
Subspecies / Cultivar: 

Red tomato:
Red stuffer – red color

Yellow tomato:
Yellow stuffer – yellow color


When does Stuffer tomato yield?
55-160 days from sowing

Pests or diseases in Stuffer tomato fruit:
Slugs, worms, birds

What can be done with big quantities of Stuffer tomato fruit?
Eat fresh, cooked, sauce, juice and much more

Work requirements on the Stuffer tomato fruit:
Clean the rotten leaves

How long does it take for a bear fruit?
1-2.5 month from planting

Ripening of Stuffer tomato fruit:
If there is massive attack on the fruit should pick them before they ready and let them be ripening at home

Vegetative Reproduction: 

How to make Vegetative Reproduction in Stuffer tomato?
Cutting, Stems

The best time for vegetative reproduction in Stuffer tomato:
Spring - summer

How much time does it take to grow roots in vegetative reproduction?
1-2 weeks

What is the treatment for vegetative reproduction in Stuffer tomato?
Warm, Moist, and should put the cuttings in glass of water and change the water every 2 days

Grow from seeds: 

Sowing of Stuffer tomato:
Easy to sow, brown-yellowish seeds

Saving Stuffer tomato seeds until sowing:
Cold and dry place

Sowing season of Stuffer tomato:
End of the winter, start of the spring

Stuffer tomato plant spacing:
20-40 cm

How Deep Do You Plant A Stuffer tomato Seed?
5-10 mm

Stuffer tomato seeding conditions:
Full sun, 20-25 C can be more or less but this is the best temperature

Watering Stuffer tomato Seeds:
Average amount of water, the soil should be moist

Stuffer tomato germination time:
1-16 days

Condition of Stuffer tomato sprout:
Full sun, more than 20C, the sprout is very delightful to bug need protection in the beginning