How to grow Watermelon plant

Watermelon plant growing – herbaceous of the genus Citrullus, Watermelon plant annual plant grow as semi vine, can grow mediterranean, desert, subtropics, temperate or tropics climate and growing in hardiness zone 4+.

Flower color yellow, the flower has with five lobs, female contain semi fruits that looks like a little Watermelon plant, and male flower are smaller

Watermelon plant fruits

Fruit juicy sweet big in the color: red, yellow, orange, peel green, sometimes there is stripes or dots, is edible and mostly used for pickles, the structure of the rind smooth or rough structure.

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Requirements for Watermelon plant growing and care:

Not watering on the leaves or the fruits, some species need trellising (the small ones),

What is the best way to start growing?
Seedling / Seed

Is it necessary to graft or use vegetative reproduction?

Difficulties or problems when growing:
attacked easily, when the plant attacked in the base if not treatment well it will die

Planting season:

Pests and diseases:
Powdery mildew, aphids

Pruning season:
All the season

How to prune:
Infected leaves needed to take out, also try to clean them

Size of the plant?
1-2 m, 40-80 inches

Growth speed in optimal condition:
Fast growing

Water requirement:
Big amount of water

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing:
Full Sun

Is it possible to grow as houseplant?

Growing is also possible in a planter /flowerpot / containers:
Yes, depend on the species

Blooming information

Bloom season:
Late spring

General information about the flower
Yellow flower with five lobs, female contain semi fruits that looks like a little Watermelon plant, and male flower are smaller

Thinning the bloom:
Sometimes happened because disease or not enough water

Pollination is done by:
Bees and more pollinators, by hand

Edible fruits

Fruit harvest season:

Fruits pests or diseases:
Powdery mildew

What can be done with big quantities of Watermelon plant fruits?
Fruit: eaten raw, juice. Rind: pickles, Seeds: salad, raw

Work requirements on the fruit:
Sometimes to space it from the ground

How long does it take to bear fruit?
80-120 days

Grow from seeds

Sowing requirement:
Easy to sow no special treatment

Saving seeds until sowing:
Room temperature, dry place

Sowing season:

Planting spacing:
Depend if trellising or not, 1-2 m. on the ground can be more depend on the species

Depth of Sowing:
1-2 cm from the top

Conditions for seeds germinate:
Moist soil, full sun

Watering requires for Seeds:
Average amount of water

Germination time:
4-20 days

Condition of seedling:
Warm weather, big amount of water, full sun

Do the seeds require burying?


Crimson Sweet – a dark striped Watermelon plant that weighs around 20 to 25 lbs and has red, juicy flesh. Crimson sweet is a very sweet Watermelon plant with a high sugar content. The flesh contains small seeds and it is known to resist various diseasses that can plague Watermelon plants. 85 days to maturity.

Sugar Baby – the number one red icebox sized Watermelon plant.

Orangeglo – an unusual and great tasting orange Watermelon plant.

Blacktail Mountain – one of the earliest red Watermelon plants.

Cream of Saskatchewan –  a cream colored tasty Watermelon plant.

Sweet Siberian – a very sweet and juicy apricot colored Watermelon plant.

Black Diamond – a classic Watermelon plant with a dark rind with red flesh.

Moon & Stars – a deep green skinned speckled Watermelon plant with golden yellow stars and moons.

Georgia Rattlesnake – a southern favorite Watermelon plant with stripes that resemble a rattlesnake.

Osh Khirgizia – a sweet pink russian variety with yellow-green and jagged dark green stripes.

Ali Baba – a light colored Iraqi Watermelon plant with excellent taste.

Scientific name:

Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus

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