How to grow Tillandsia lautneri

Tillandsia lautneri grow and care – epiphyte leaf plant of the genus Tillandsia also known as Airplant or Sky plant, Tillandsia lautneri perennial evergreen used as ornamental plant, can grow in mediterranean, subtropics, desert climate or as houseplant and growing in hardiness zone 10b+.

Tillandsia lautneri leaves

Leaves color green, pink, red, yellow or orange, the leaves green the color change next to the bloom area to light colors, leaves absorb moisture from the rain or humidity.

Flower color purple in roll shape and small role connected, one stigma and three stamens, each plant bloom once in life, it takes more than 3 years.

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How to grow Tillandsia lautneri growing and care:

Hang on, or sit on location, watering by spray or washing, more than 10C, watering depend on the weather in the summer once a week, in hot location need twice and also depend on the location, humidity, indoor or outdoor, in winter need once a week or every two weeks, in mild winter or not at all in wet winters, more than 3C, soft water (rain water or clean),

How to care:
Fertilizer need to be few times a year and fertilize the plant in spray and in cold winter better not to put fertilizers

What is the best way to start growing?
Plant / Seedling / Seed (it’s not easy to start from seeds / Vegetative reproduction (daughter plants)

How to propagate:
Propagation it’s to separate daughter plants from the mother after few leaves that grow it’s possible to separate but better in the spring, need to treat the same as fully mature plant and when find location try not to move it too much.

Is it necessary to use vegetative reproduction?
Yes in order to get the same cultivars and it’s hard to start from seeds

Difficulties or problems when growing:
Sensitive to hard water

Planting season:
All year, if planted outside better to plant it in the spring to summer

How to plant:
Most of the species need to sit on location without moving and consider to connect them as the plant hang on object like cork

Pests and diseases:
Aphids, fungal, slugs, snails,

Pruning season:
All year

How to prune:
Dead and infected leaves

Size of the plant:
5-15cm, 2-6 feet

Growth speed in optimal condition:
Slow growing

Water requirement:
Small amount of water, spray on the plant or wash the plant, after put water need to put the plant in in a place that it can dry

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing:
Half Shade / Full Shade with light

Is it possible to grow indoor as houseplant?

How to grow indoors
Choose location with enough light and even with little sun, need to be aware that the plant need to be far away from ventilators, heater and air conditions, possible to grow it in the bathroom, be aware to that because of the high humidity need to use less water.

How to clean:
Because it’s impossible use spray for cleaning it’s destroy the plant, need to wash it under water, after this it’s important to let it dry much more that regular watering.

Growing is also possible in a pot / planter /flowerpot / containers:
Yes but not to bury it in the sand

Blooming information

Bloom season:
Most of the year

General information about the flower
Purple flower in roll shape, one stigma and three stamens, each plant bloom once in life, it takes more than 3 years

Scientific name:

Tillandsia lautneri

How to grow Tillandsia lautneri

Tillandsia lautneri


Blooming Seasons
  • Autumn flowers
  • Spring flowers
  • Summer flowers
  • Winter flowers
Flower colors
  • Purple flower
  • Desert Climate
  • Mediterranean Climate
  • Subtropics Climate
  • Tropics Climate
Leaf color
  • Gray leaves
  • Orange leaves
  • Pink leaves
  • Purple leaf
  • Red leaves
  • Yellow leaf
Ornamental parts
  • Ornamental flower
  • Ornamental leaves
  • Ornamental plant
Plant growing speed
  • Slow growing plants
Plant life-form
  • Bromeliad
  • Epiphyte
  • Evergreen
  • Leaf plant
  • Perennial plant
Plant Uses
  • Colored leaves
  • Indoor plants
  • Ornamental plants
Planting Season
  • Autumn Planting
  • Spring Planting
  • Summer planting
  • Winter planting
Plants sun exposure
  • Part shade Plants
  • Shade Plants
Watering plants
  • Small amounts of water
Hardiness zone
  • Hardiness zone 10
  • Hardiness zone 11
  • Hardiness zone 12
  • Hardiness zone 13

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