How to grow Jackfruit tree

Jackfruit tree grow and care – tree of the genus Artocarpus also known as Jack tree, Jackfruit tree perennial evergreen plant, grow for the edible fruits and seeds, and can used as shade tree, grows in tropics, subtropical, mediterranean climate and growing in hardiness zone 11a, possible to grow in hardiness zone 10b+ but when the tree is young need overwinter care.

Leaves color green, in elliptic to oval shape, leaves can be deeply lobed

Flowers looks like small fruits there are separate female and male flowers, the female bigger and lighter green to yellow, and mostly grown before the male, flowers grow on main truck or big branches.

Jackfruit tree edible fruit

Fruit color is green to yellow on the fruit there is spines, fruit weight 3-40 Kg (can be more) the size 15-50 cm. the fruits have bad fragrant and not recommend to touch them in the hand, to know when to pick up the fruit need to check that the spines get out easily by touch.

Seeds edible the color brown the size 2-5 cm in oval shape.

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How to grow Jackfruit tree growing and care:

Rich in nutrients, airy and drained soil, moist soil, prefer high humidity

How to care:
When trees young need to add fertilizer with high content of nitrogen, hummus, organic matter, cover the soil with mulch or dead leaves (especially when the tree is young)

What is the best way to start growing Jack tree:
Plant / Seed / Air layer / Cutting

Is it necessary to graft or use vegetative reproduction?
No, but can bearing better fruits, insure that will bear fruits, in hardiness zone 10b not all cultivars succeed to bear fruits need to have tree that can have fruits so better to graft

Difficulties/Problems with growing Jack tree:
the fruit if fallen is dangerous (heavy fruit), can’t stay without water, sensitive to floods

Planting – How to plant a Jackfruit tree:
Dig a hole as deep as the current root ball plus extra 50-100% bigger the plant small the percentage, put in the hole organic matter, hummus and dried leaves and mix it with some soil, put the tree and loos little bit the root ball above the hole, plant the tree and cover it and don’t push the soil too much strong but not too much lightly because it won’t be stable, after this put mulch to keep moist on soil, put water, for the next two weeks put every day (better in the morning) , better to take care that the tree will be stable, and if not support it with bamboo or a stick that it won’t fall.

Planting season:
Spring to summer in hardiness zone 10b (but better in the spring), spring to autumn in hardiness zone 11, all year in hardiness zone 12+

Pests and diseases in Jack tree:
Aphids, Ferrisia virgata, Phenacoccus solani, mealy bug

Pruning season:
Autumn to winter, better directly after the fruits

How to prune:
Week branches, prune the tree as long as the tree strong enough (it can crush with the fruit), better to prune small branches in the shade especially if infected by Phenacoccus solani

Size of the plant:
9-21 m, 36-64 feet

Growth speed in Jack fruit:
Fast growing / Medium growing

Jack tree Irrigation Water Management:
Average amount of water / big amount of water (with good drainage)

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing Jack fruit tree:
Full Sun, it’s important for the tree to be in full sun, but when the tree is young possible to grow in half shade but will take longer to grow and to bear fruits

Is it possible to grow as houseplant (indoor)?

Growing Jack tree is also possible in a planter /flowerpot / containers:

Blooming information

When does Jack tree bloom?
Spring / Summer

General information about the flower
Light green to yellow flower, the flowers looks like small fruits there are separate female and male flowers, the female bigger

Thinning / Deadheading of Jackfruit Blossom:
Until the tree can hold the fruits

Pollination is done by:
Flies, bees

Edible Fruits

When does Jackfruit yield:
End of the summer, autumn, winter, depend on the cultivars, in hardiness zone 10b better to grow cultivars that bear fruits in the autumn, if the plant bear fruits in the winter it reduce the chance to get fruits

Pests or diseases in Jack fruit:
Birds, aphid

What can be done with big quantities of Jack fruit?
Eaten raw, juice, cook, jams

Work requirements on the Jack fruit:
Might need to cover the fruit with net

How long before a jackfruit tree bears fruit?
3-5 years, from seeds will take at least 5 years from grafted tree 3-4 years and in hardiness zone 10b it is colder in the winter so take longer to bear fruits

How to grow jackfruit tree from seed

Sowing requirement:
Fresh seeds, every day that pass reduce the change to germinate, after five days the seeds might be not viable

How to save and care seeds until sowing:
Sow directly, but method to keep them until sowing: peat soil that was soaked in water, need to take out the extra water, put the seeds in the middle and cover fully the seeds and wrap it with plastic bag, after this cover the plastic bag with foil aluminum

Sowing season:
In the tropical all the year, better in the spring to summer, but need to use the seeds fresh so directly sowing in green house in hardiness zone 10b

How to plant:
Better it in peat soil or other soil that absorb water and keep them, also in well ventilated soil

Planting spacing:
Better in separate pots, sowing to transplant 50*50cm (20*20 inches), sowing directly

Depth of Sowing:
3-5cm (1-2 inches) from the top of the seeds

Conditions for seeds germinate:
Moist soil, full sun, high humidity

Watering requires for Seeds:
Average amount of water / Big amount of water

Germination time:
1-3 weeks, less the seeds fresh take more time to germinate

Condition of seedling:
Moist soil with good drainage, (sensitive to overwater)

Scientific name:

Artocarpus heterophyllus

How to grow Jackfruit tree

Jackfruit tree fruits season

Jackfruit plant care

Harvest Jackfruit

Jackfruit tree fuit

Jackfruit tree


Blooming Seasons
  • Spring flowers
  • Summer flowers
Edible Parts
  • Edible Fruit
  • Edible Seeds
Culinary uses
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cooked
  • Dried fruit
  • Eaten raw
  • Fruit
  • Ice pop & Ice cream plants
  • Jams
  • Juice
Flower colors
  • Green flower
  • Yellow flower
  • Mediterranean Climate
  • Subtropics Climate
  • Tropics Climate
Harvest Season
  • Autumn Harvest
  • Summer Harvest
  • Winter harvest
Ornamental parts
  • Ornamental fruit
  • Ornamental leaves
  • Ornamental plant
Plant growing speed
  • Average growing plants
  • Fast growing plants
Plant life-form
  • Evergreen
  • Perennial plant
  • Tree
Plant Uses
  • Bonsai
  • Edible plants
  • Ornamental plants
Planting Season
  • Autumn Planting
  • Spring Planting
  • Summer planting
  • Winter planting
Plants sun exposure
  • Full sun Plants
Watering plants
  • Big amount of water
  • Regularly water
Hardiness zone
  • Hardiness zone 10
  • Hardiness zone 11
  • Hardiness zone 12
  • Hardiness zone 13

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