Lemon tree in pots – If you want to grow lemons but have a limited space, planting a lemon tree in pots may be your best option.  They will not grow as large as those planted on the ground. Ways of starting to grow lemons can be from seeds or from grafted trees. It is recommended to plant lemons from grafted trees because lemon trees grown from seeds may take a while, up to 4 years before bearing fruits.

Planting lemon tree in pots

Planting lemon tree in pots will take the same requirements as planting it on the ground. The best time to plant it is in the spring or autumn when the cold temperature had passed and has become warm but not too hot. This citrus fruit is relatively easy to plant; just make sure you follow these pre-requisites:

Selecting a Pot

Choose a pot that is 25% bigger than the root ball of the plant. Clay pot is the ideal choice because it evaporates water quickly. Make sure your pot has drainage holes because lemon trees hate being water logged. Repotting may be necessary in every couple of years in the beginning of spring.


Lemon, like any citrus trees, requires full sun to develop well. Around 7 to 8 hours of full sun exposure is essential for them to thrive. Place your potted lemon tree near a sunny window or bring it outside everyday to enjoy the sunshine. You may also use grow light if the situation does not permit direct sun exposure.


A lemon tree can thrive even in poor soil just as long as it is well draining. The pH level of soil should be around 5.5 to 7 as the plant prefers slightly acidic soil to neutral soil. You may use a potting mix for this purpose. Plant the tree so the root collar is above the soil line and the top of the root crown is barely below the soil. Do not cover the trunk with soil at all. You can mulch around the root area to keep grass away from the base of the tree. Enrich the soil with slow release fertilizer that is high in nitrogen and phosphorus to encourage blooming and fruiting. To give boost feed to your lemon tree apply a water soluble fertilizer once in a month in growing season.


Consistent watering is needed to produce healthy lemon fruits. See to it that you are not giving too much or too little water as this can lead to fruit and blossom drop. In worst cases scenario, the plant can even die. Do not allow your pot to dry out. Regularly check the top 2 inch layer of the soil for dryness before watering.


Well-pruned trees have higher fruit yields and are less prone to branch breakage. Although it can be done all year round except in winter, it is best to prune your lemon tree when new growth starts. Remove dead or diseased branches as well as suckers that may compete with the nutrients of your lemon tree.