How to grow a lemon tree – Growing a lemon tree requires a combination of time, effort, and a good climate. It is best to plant a lemon tree in the spring or autumn before the frost because it is sensitive to cold temperature. If well taken care of, a lemon tree will bear fruit in 2-3 years.

Growing Lemon tree

A lemon tree is a thorny perennial evergreen plant. It can grow in tropical, subtropical, or Mediterranean climate. You can grow a lemon tree from a seed or a grafted plant and you may even plant it in a pot or container. This medium growing tree usually reaches 2-5 meters in height. Here are the steps on how to grow a lemon tree:

First decide if you would like to plant a lemon tree from seed or from a grafted plant. If you want to start from a seed, you may germinate your own from an organic lemon fruit. Non-organic lemon usually has seeds that are not able to germinate. If you choose to start from a plant, your lemon tree will have lesser time before it bears fruits.  However, a lemon tree is not recommended to be grown indoors.


Lemon trees can tolerate a range of soils but works well in a well-drained slightly acidic soil. Its pH level should be between 5.7 and 6.5. You can also use a potting soil that contains a blend of peat, perlite, vermiculite and organic fertilizer. Lemon tree should be set higher than the ground, so dig a hole that is somewhat shallower than the length of the root ball.


Full sun is required in growing a lemon tree to its optimal potential. At least 10 to 14 hours of sunlight a day is needed especially in its sprouting stages. Be sure to place your lemon tree in a place where it can enjoy full sun exposure without shade. Enough sunlight increases the chances of your tree bearing fruits.


During its first years, your lemon tree will require an average amount of water to thrive. It is important to maintain even moisture in the soil. Once your plant is established and fully grown, just a small amount of watering will do. Lemon trees require deep watering once or twice a week but you may adjust depending on the time of the year and weather.


You may prune your lemon tree anytime of the year by removing dead branches, cross branches or to maintain its size and shape. Watch out for pests like citrus leaf miner and aphids and make sure to remove them right away to prevent further damage to the tree.

Your lemon tree will bloom in spring or summer and will usually yield fruits all year. The fruits typically survive even when left on the tree, or you may pick them up beforehand and allow them to ripe inside your house. Lemon fruit size is 4-15cm, yellow in color and sour in taste.