Peony plant for sale

Peony plant for sale – the best time to buy a peony plant is in the autumn season so you could transplant it to the ground before it freezes. Peony plant for sale is commonly in the form of bare root tubers.

Before purchasing a plant, you must check the root tuber if it is fleshy, firm and mold free. These are good indicators that the peony plant is healthy.  Bare root plants can dry up during transit, which is why it is advisable to soak them in a bucket of water for 2 to 4 hours to rehydrate before replanting.

Peony plant for sale:

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Peony plant for sale – Here are some tips for growing:

  • Soil – must be deep, fertile, humus-rich moist soil with good drainage. Soil pH should be neutral. Dig a hole large enough to spread the roots and incorporate well-rotted organic matter. Bury your peony plant not deeper than 2 inches. If they are planted too deep, they will not bloom. Warmth and moisture will signal the tubers to start growing. So make sure the soil is always moist but not wet.
  • Placement – choose a sunny spot in your garden for your peony to bloom best. At least 10 hours of sunlight is needed to grow a healthy peony plant. They also resent disturbance so protect them from strong winds and keep them away from big trees or shrubs as they do not like to compete for food and moisture as well. For good air circulation, space your peonies 3 to 4 feet apart. Peonies should be settled before the first frost around the months of late September and October. Garden peonies require at least 30 consecutive days of below freezing temperatures for your peonies to thrive and bloom.
  • Water – Peonies love moisture. After planting, water generously, soaking the soil to settle it around the root. After that you may water periodically during the growing season if rain does not occur, but keep in mind that weekly deep watering are better with about 1″ of moisture per week in estimate.
  • Fertilizer – Spare the fertilizer when it comes to your peonies. You may work your soil with fertilizer before planting and that would be enough. If in case your soil is poor, you may fertilize in the early summer after the plant had bloomed and you have deadheaded. Do not fertilizer more than every few years.
  • Storage – If you miss the planting window, you must store the root tuber in pots or box. In pots, you will need either garden soil or potting soil that is just barely moist. Plant the roots in the pot making sure that they are covered with soil and leaves on all sides and place it outdoors in a shady and protected area. Box storage requires a plastic lining with peat moss. Insert the roots in the moss, making sure the roots are not touching one another and that they are completely buries. Then store the box in an area with nearly freezing temperature until the ground is workable again.

Peony plant for sale