Almond tree for sale

Almond tree for sale – Easy plant to grow with edible nut, grown for the ornamental flowers, planting in winter to spring, better to buy plant, grafted tree or another option to start from seeds yet more challenging.

Almond tree – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 5-10, water needed – small to average amount, light conditions – full sun to partial shade, height: 3-10m, 10-34 feet.

Blooming in the spring in saucer shaped flowers that appear in white or pink color.

Nuts harvesting in the spring to summer, when harvesting need to be full ready.

Alternative names: Almond nuts, Prunus dulcis, Almonds

Almond tree for sale

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  • Location – try to choose a sunny place free from shade with well drained fertile soil and leave space for future planting.
  • Watering – Better to do it in the morning when the temperatures are cooler. In the spring water your tree regularly every 2 weeks (1 inch of water). In summer you should water your tree with 3 inches of water every 2 weeks. Water the tree with less water during the fall. In winter you barely don’t need to water your tree, except if you experiment a dry winter.
  • Planting – You can start your almond tree from 2 options: seeds or seedlings. If you’re growing your almond tree from a seed start by germinating the seed in an easy environment — once it starts to grow, you can plant the almond tree either in a pot or in the ground. First, gather your seeds in a single large pot .After this, germinate them according to these steps: add water and let the seeds soak overnight. Next, use a nutcracker to crack the almond shells open slightly — the shell should still hold itself together, but you should just be able to see the nut inside. If you see mold throw the seed directly. Fill a few small flowerpots with hole in the bottom with potting soil. Plant the seeds 4 to 6 cm (1.5 to 3 inches) deep with the cracks pointing upward. Rest the flowerpot indoors in an area that will receive direct sunlight. Now, just wait for seedlings to sprout.
  • Harvesting – Better to do it in the fall when the fruits are dry, brown and crack open. The crack indicates that the almond fruit is ripe. Start picking almonds from the closest branches. Then use a long pole to knock the higher branches. After harvesting you can freeze all the almond hulks to kill residual pests.
  • Fertilizer – Better to fertilize the tree in the spring with a well balanced fertilizer.
  • Pruning – Recommended to prune almond tree from once a year to once in 2 years in winter. Dead or diseased limb must be removed all the year.
  • Pollination – The easiest for cross pollination is to have different varieties of trees growing next to each other and pollinators will bring pollen from one tree to another.
  • Grafting – Almonds are most often propagated at the end of the summer when leaves are still on the tree by a process called bud grafting, in which a bud of the desired variety is grafted to hardy rootstock. Almond buds can be grafted onto Asian plum almond, peach, Asian plum or apricot rootstock. Almond seedlings can be budded in their first year of growth. Almonds buds are grafted onto the selected rootstock by 2 possible methods, either chip/shield budding or T-budding. In shield or chip budding, a shield-shaped chip is cut out of the rootstock and replaced by a properly fitting shield-shaped chip containing an almond bud. This chip bud is then strengthened by grafting tape. In T-budding, you need to make a shape in T in the rootstock and an almond bud is placed under the cut’s bark. After this, use a grafting tape to support it.
  • Transplanting – Before transplanting a tree dig a hole. Loosen the soil to avoid destroy some roots. No need to fertilize when you are transplanting.
  • Uses – Eating almonds provides health benefits. Almonds are rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin E and magnesium and monounsaturated fats. Used to assist with blood sugar control, lower cholesterol level and reduce blood pressure. They are delicious, nutritious and healthy snack. Can be used as milk substitute. Used in cosmetics as an oil for the skin.

Almond tree for sale