How to grow Tricyrtis hirta

Tricyrtis hirta grow and care – herbaceous geophyte of the genus Tricyrtis also known as Toad lily, Tricyrtis hirta perennial evergreen used as ornamental plant for the flowers and can be used as cut flower plant and also as groundcover in shady area, can grow in temperate, subtropics, mediterranean climate or indoor as houseplant and growing in hardiness zone 5-9, with the right care can grow in hardiness zone 10.

Leaves color green sometime with light and dark green, the leaves arrange on the stems like part of it in ovate shape.

Tricyrtis hirta flower

Flower color white with purple dots and spots, white and blue, there is six petals and 3 small inner petals.

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How to grow Tricyrtis hirta growing and care:

Moist, cool weather, rich soil, suffer in hot summer, humidity, mulch

How to care:
Usually to care it’s to support stems that fall down and if the rhizome not growing new plants to bending a branch over and covering it with soil in order to create more plants, before the old will die, better to fertilize it twice a year in the spring for growth and in the summer for flowers

What is the best way to start growing?
Plant / Seeds (explanation bellow) / Rhizomes (bulb) / Vegetative Reproduction bending a branch over and covering it with soil, cutting possible to use water but better conditions it’s to put in peat soil, with moist, high humidity and spray the plant until the plant establish

Is it necessary to use vegetative reproduction?
No, but easier to start from bulbs or cutting

Difficulties or problems when growing:
Suffer in hot days and might be burn

Planting season:
Spring or summer in hardiness zone 4-7, spring to autumn in hardiness zone 8-9, in hardiness zone 10a spring to autumn but if the summer is too much hot not in the summer, in hardiness zone 10b from autumn to the spring.

When to plant toad lily bulbs (rhizomes):
Planting can be spring or summer in hardiness zone 4-9, in hardiness zone 10a spring to autumn but if the summer is too much hot not in the summer, in hardiness zone 10b from autumn to winter.

How to plant:
Planting in bigger hole than the root ball or the rhizomes, at least 200% bigger, put in the hole back part of the soil with organic matter, dead leaves, hummus and compost, put the tree and cover lightly but enough to hold itself and cover with mulch and a lot of dead leaves.

Pests and diseases:

Pruning season:
All year

How to prune:
For design

Size of the plant:
40-90 cm, 16-36 inches

Growth speed in optimal condition:
Fast growing / Medium growing

Water requirement:
Average amount of water / Big amount of water

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing:
Full Shade, in colder climate possible to expose it to sun and even grow it in half shade better morning sun, but need to be also area without hot summer.

Is it possible to grow indoors as houseplant?

How to care indoors:
When grow indoor need to take care not to put the plant next to heaters, ventilators or air-conditions it’s dry the plant, the plant require light in order to bloom and even some sunlight will help, also the plant likes cool location and consider to put mulch or something to keep the moist

Growing is also possible in a pots, planter, flowerpot or containers:
Yes, start with container that bigger than the plant at least 30-50%, need to switch the container to bigger when root ball over grow the container, better to switch in the winter, when the plant arrive to the desirable size of container need to switch the soil once in a few years by new soil, possible if it’s small container switch all and cut some roots and prune the plant, except this need to pull old plants after having flowers, better to use potting mix or peat soil with perlite, mix it with hummus and organic matter, use chopped mulch to keep the soil moist, let the bottom of the pot fill in water but dry in the same day.

Blooming information

Bloom season:
Summer / Autumn

General information about the flower
2-4 cm flowers, the color white with purple dots or white and blue, there is six petals and 3 small inner petals.

How to grow Tricyrtis hirta from seeds

Sowing requirement:
Fresh seeds, a lot of light, moist soil, 16-21C (60-70F)

Saving seeds and care until sowing:
Better to keep the seeds in refrigerator possible with peat soil or just in a paper bag

Sowing season:
Spring or autumn, better to sow the seeds fresh it’s in the autumn than they get the winter cold, in hotter climate in hardiness zone 10 better to plant it in the autumn

Planting spacing:
20*20cm (8*8 inches)

Depth of Sowing:
1-2cm (0.5-1 inch)

Conditions for seeds germinate:
Moist soil don’t let it dry

Watering requires for Seeds:
Average amount of water / Big amount of water

Germination time:
In the spring 4-8 weeks in the autumn usually will germinate in the early spring

Condition of seedling:
Moist soil, not too much hot

Do the seeds require burying?
Yes, conditions to bury can be direct in the soil but in hotter area better to put in the coldest location of the refrigerator

Chilling hour’s requirements:
At least one month

Scientific name:

Tricyrtis hirta

How to grow Tricyrtis hirta

Tricyrtis hirta flower

Tricyrtis hirta plant care

Tricyrtis hirta

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