How to grow Miracle fruit

Miracle fruit plant grow and care – shrub‎ and can be design as small tree of the genus Synsepalum also known as Miracle berry tree or Synsepalum dulcificum, Miracle fruit plant perennial evergreen plant, grow as medical or for the edible fruits grow in tropic, subtropical and can be mediterranean climate or indoor as houseplant and growing in hardiness zone 11+ and in hardiness zone 10b with the right overwinter care.

Leaves color green in elliptic shape, flower color white small flowers.

Miracle fruit plant edible fruits

Fruit is red shiny and the size 1-2.5, the fruits actually interferes with the receptors in the mouth and affect the sense of taste for a half an hour to two hours (do not worry it’s not forever), most of the thing with acidity become after become sweet, fruits contains a glycoprotein Miracle fruit plant Miricolin, which also used artificial sweeteners.

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How to grow Miracle fruit plant – growing conditions and care:

Acidity soil 4.5-6ph high humidity, better temperature above 10C (50C), room temperature water, clean water (rain water), organic matter

How to care:
Fertilizer at least once a year spring, put pine mulch, prune once a year, when the water hard better to reduce the ph. more frequency if not the ph will rise, possible to use mulch like leaves of pine (takes a lot of time), vinegar, elemental sulfur, aluminum sulfate, iron sulfate, un hardiness growing zone 10b need to protect overwinter and even in cold autumn

What is the best way to start growing?
Plant / Seed (explanation bellow) / Vegetative reproduction – cutting

How to propagate by cutting:
Propagating by cutting require high humidity (like a fog), moist soil, better sterile water, peat soil (acidic soil), temperature need to be above 20-26C (68-79F), might take at least two month, better to start before the growing season, also better to use greenhouse or plastic box to keep humidity and use root growth hormone

Is it necessary to graft in Miracle fruit plant?
No, but will bear fruits faster, when start from seeds takes a lot of time

Difficulties or problems when growing:

Planting season:
All year in growing zone of 12+, spring to autumn in hardiness zone 11b, spring to summer in hardiness zone 11a, spring in hardiness zone 10b

How to plant:
Dig a bigger hole than the plant at least double, put organic matter, humus, dead leaves and mix it with the soil (acid soil), when planting need to increase the amount of water for two weeks and better until the first leaf that grow, after the plant establish put fertilizer.

Pests and diseases:
Spider mites, mealy bugs, aphids, thrips

Pruning season:
After fruit the fruits or when the plant is young in the spring

Size of the plant?
1-2.5 m, 40-100 inches, it’s shrub but can be design as small tree

How to prune:
Dead branches, when want to design as small tree need to cut all the side stems that grow and leave only main trunk

Growth speed in optimal condition:
Slow growing

Water requirement:
Small amount of water to average amount of water but with high humidity and moist soil, don’t let the soil dry

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing:
Full sun (with high humidity without high humidity like fog the leaves will be burn by the sun / Half shade without sun in the noon / Full shade

Is it possible to grow indoor as houseplant?
Yes, when grow indoor need to be to take care of the humidity and not put it next to heater or air condition that dry the air, also better to keep in location with a lot light and better with little morning sun.

Growing is also possible in a pots, planter, flowerpot, containers:
Yes, start with pot that will be 40-60% more than the root ball, every time that the plant arrive to full capacity need to switch to bigger until arrives to desirable size (but better to grow the plant in pot that will fit will bear more fruits) size of the pot can be 10-20L (2.5-5 gallons) but when the, switch the soil after the fruits season, soil lose the viability over time and it’s efficient of care for the roots of the plant, drainage it’s important and need to make holes and to use peat soil and maybe some lava grit in the bottom or something like that, put a bottom for the container and when water the plant let it fill the bottom but also need to dry in the same day, it’s important to fertilize at least once a year, mulch of pine or other acid mulch it’s important, need to reduce the soil ph. to 4.5-6

Blooming information

Bloom season:
Summer / Autumn

General information about the flower
Small white flowers

Pollination is done by:

Edible Fruits

Fruit harvest season:
Autumn / Winter

Fruits pests or diseases:
Birds, mediterranean fruit fly

What can be done with big quantities of Miracle fruit plant fruits?
Eat raw (put in the fridge and eat later)

Work requirements on the fruit:
Cover the tree with net

How long does it take to bear fruit?
3-5 years and can be longer from seeds

How to grow Miracle fruit plant from seeds

Ovate brown seeds with black areas

Sowing requirement:
Short life seeds, need to sow them directly outside of the tropic need greenhouse to keep the condition of the growth

Saving seeds until sowing:
Moist, warm, clean the seeds from fruit left over, when can’t sow it directly need to put the seeds with well moist peat soil in close transparent nylon bag and keep it and it might even start to germinate in those condition

Sowing season:
Fast after you get the seeds usually in the winter outside of the tropical zone might cause germination problems

How to plant seeds:
Planting the seeds in peat soil with ph. 4.5-6, better to use sterile soil after the microwave that kill all life in the soil

Planting spacing:
Different pot, or 4*4cm (2*2 inches) because of slow growing need to transfer the seedling after 6 to 12 leaves

Depth of Sowing:
1.5cm (0.6 inch) from the top of the seeds

Conditions for seeds germinate:
Humidity 80%, better to grow it with fog, 29C day 24C night, shade, sterile soil, acid soil, moist soil and a lot of light

Watering requires for seeds:
Small amount of water but the soil need to be moist with high humidity and must not dry

Germination time:
3-16 weeks

Condition of seedling:
After 6 leaves need to exposure to more sun, for the development of the seedling need to expose 1 hour in the morning for few days and increase it until half day, better not mid of the day sun, especially not when the plant young

Do the seeds require burying?

Scientific name:

Synsepalum dulcificum

Alternative names: Miracle berry, Miraculous berry, Sweet berry

How to grow Miracle fruit

Growing Miracle fruit

Harvesting Miracle fruit

Miracle fruit tree from seeds


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