How to grow Maranta leuconeura

Maranta leuconeura grow and care – leaf plant of the genus Maranta also known as Prayer plant, Maranta leuconeura perennial evergreen used as ornamental plant, grow in tropics, mediterranean, subtropical climate or houseplant and grow in hardiness zone 11+.

Maranta leuconeura leaves

Leaves color green, purple, green with purple or white stripes, white-green or purple-black with green, can be with like “burning marks”, under the leaves can be in green, red or purple color, the leaves in elliptic shape.

Flower color can be: white, pink or purple flowers grow on stem in inflorescence the flower look like beehive the petals merge in the bottom.

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How to grow Maranta leuconeura growing and care:

Rain water or clean water, rich soil, moist soil, humidity, better more than 15C but can survive 10C, optimal temperature 18-25C, ph 6 and can be little bit lower

How to care:
Put fertilizer 3-4 times a year, add organic matter, mulch the plant to keep moist

What is the best way to start growing?
Plant / Seed / Vegetative reproduction

How to propagate:
Propagation by daughter plants mostly need to take care when pull it from the ground you take all the roots, uncover the roots, dig around the plant and better to use air blower machine or wash it with stream, after reveal the roots need to disconnect them from the mother and wait, when the daughter plant can live by itself possible to take it out of the soil, also another option just to pull the plant from the soil less but less good.

Is it necessary to graft or use vegetative reproduction?
No, but easier to start with daughter plants than to start from seeds

Difficulties or problems when growing:
Sensitive to hard water

Planting season:
All year, in hardiness zone 11a better to plant it in the spring to early summer

Pests and diseases:
Aphids, spider mites

Pruning season:
All year

How to prune:
Dead leaves

Size of the plant:
30-60 cm, 12-24 inches

Growth speed in optimal condition:
Medium growing / Slow growing

Water requirement:
Average amount of water / Big amount of water (don’t let it dry and don’t over water and let them to sit in puddle)

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing:
Full Shade

Is it possible to grow indoor as houseplant?
Yes, grow well indoor

How to care indoor as houseplant:
Need to check that the plant not affect by dry air of warming and cooling machines, light, need to keep the soil moist and humidity, also to fertilize at least once a year

Growing is also possible in a pot / planter /flowerpot / containers:
Yes, start with container that bigger than the plant at least 30-50%, pot size 10-15L (2.6-4 gallons), need to switch the soil once in a few years by new soil, better to do in the winter, wash the soil from the roots and cut the root and prune the plant, use potting mix or peat soil with perlite and mix it with hummus and organic matter, use chopped mulch to keep the soil moist, let the bottom of the pot fill in water but dry in the same day.

Blooming information

Bloom season:
Most of the year

General information about the flower
White, pink or purple flowers grow on stem in inflorescence the flower look like beehive the petals merge in the bottom

How to grow Maranta leuconeura from seed

Sowing requirement:
Peat soil (sterile), moist soil with high humidity (in order to get high humidity better to keep the pot in plastic bag or plastic box) temperature around 25C (77F) and better in the night 22C (68F)

Saving and care seeds until sowing:
Dry and dark location

Sowing season:
Spring / Summer / Autumn

How to plant:
Better to plant it in close box or something that will be with high humidity

Planting spacing:
Separate pots or to transplant 2*3cm (1*1.5 inch), better to grow

Depth of Sowing:
Cover lightly in 2mm (0.01 inch)

Conditions for seeds germinate:
Different temperature in the day of the night, high humidity

Watering requires for Seeds:
Average amount of water

Germination time:
4-8 weeks

Condition of seedling:
High humidity and moist soil and around 25C (77)

Scientific name:

Maranta leuconeura

How to grow Maranta leuconeura

Maranta leuconeura leaves

Maranta leuconeura plant

Maranta leuconeura


Blooming Seasons
  • Autumn flowers
  • Spring flowers
  • Summer flowers
  • Winter flowers
Flower colors
  • Pink flower
  • Purple flower
  • White flower
  • Mediterranean Climate
  • Subtropics Climate
  • Tropics Climate
Leaf color
  • Black leaves
  • Purple leaf
  • Red leaves
  • White leaves
Ornamental parts
  • Ornamental flower
  • Ornamental leaves
  • Ornamental plant
Plant growing speed
  • Average growing plants
  • Slow growing plants
Plant life-form
  • Evergreen
  • Leaf plant
  • Perennial plant
Plant Uses
  • Colored leaves
  • Indoor plants
  • Ornamental plants
Planting Season
  • Autumn Planting
  • Spring Planting
  • Summer planting
  • Winter planting
Plants sun exposure
  • Shade Plants
Watering plants
  • Regularly water
Hardiness zone
  • Hardiness zone 11
  • Hardiness zone 12
  • Hardiness zone 13

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