How to grow Bougainvillea plant

Bougainvillea plant grow and care – shrub, tree or climber of the genus Bougainvillea also known as Buganvilla plant, Bougainvillea perennial evergreen or deciduous plant it grow as ornamental plant and can used as topiary, hedge and attract pollinators plant and bonsai, can grow in mediterranean, subtropics or tropics climate and growing in hardiness zone 10+, with the right care can growing in hardiness zone 9.

Leaves color green and can be also variegated with white edges, shape of leaves oval, the plant has thorns but some cultivars has no throns

Bougainvillea flower plant

Flower are small in the color white yellowish, the colored area is like petals but it is bracts it can be in the colors: white, purple, yellow pink, light orange, red, purplish, there are a lot of hue variety between this colors and some cultivars can be more than one color for example white and pink or white and purple, also can be multi colored few colors on the same plant but it’s because grafted different colors together on the same plant, blue bougainvillea not real it’s fake it’s enhanced colors in the picture.

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How to grow Bougainvillea plant growing condition and care information:

How to grow:
Better frost free area but can grow in frost, well drain soil it’s important, dry weather, hotter the climate the plant will bloom better and longer period

How to care:
Trellising, better to prune one a year after the bloom, cover the plant with mulch in the winter especially in hardiness zone 9-10a, fertilizer 2-4 times a year

What is the best way to start growing:
Plant / Seed / Seedling / Vegetative Reproduction – propagate by cutting or also possible to bending the stem on the soil and cover them

How to grow bougainvillea from cuttings:
Cuttings can be done in water and switch the water every day, better to grow cutting with soil, with root growth hormone, in both cutting methods better to do it in warm season, with high humidity and half shade

Is it necessary to graft or use vegetative reproduction?
No and very easy to start from seeds, but it’s possible to graft and highly recommend to graft in order to get multicolor

Difficulties/Problems with growing:
Vicious grower (aggressive), can die in flooding, thorns

Planting season:
Spring and summer in cold hardiness zone 9, spring to summer hardiness zone 10, spring to autumn in hardiness zone 11, all year in growing hardiness zone 12

How to plant:
Dig a hole as deep as the current root ball plus extra 60-110%, put in the hole organic matter, hummus and dried leaves and mix it with some soil, put the plant and loos little bit the root ball above the hole, plant and cover it and don’t push the soil too much strong but not too much lightly because it won’t be stable, after this put mulch to keep moist on soil, put water, for the next two weeks put every day (better in the morning) , better to take that plant will be stable, and if not support it with bamboo or a stick that it won’t fall.

Pests and diseases:
Aphids, Leaf miner, Moths

Pruning season:
End of the autumn start of the winter, better to prune after blooming season

How to prune:
Prune inner branches – after few years the inner part doesn’t get enough sun and the stems atrophy this is why consider to open the growth that each branches, prune dead branches, renewed growth is recommended to prune all the outer foliage, also trimming important for topiary, bonsai and hedge in hedge better to prune it one a year in order to keep the density of the plants.

Size of the plant?
0.6-5 m, 2-15 feet as shrub, 3-9 m (10-30 feet) as tree or vine, can be design as bonsai

Speed growth:
Fast growing / Medium growing

Irrigation Water Management:
Small amount of water (possible but will grow less fast), average amount of water, the plant doesn’t like standing water and this might kill the plant, if it’s just in the rainy season the plant will survive.

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing:
Prefer full sun but can grow in half shade

It is possible to grow indoor:

Growing is also possible in a pot / planter / flowerpot / containers:
Yes, when grow in container need to keep it small, size of the container 10-30 liter (2.5-8 gallon) possible bigger and also possible to grow it also in 1 gallon for bonsai, better start with container that bigger than the plant at least 30-50%, need to switch the container to bigger when root ball over grow the container, better to switch in the winter, when the plant arrive to the desirable size of container need to switch the soil once in a few years by new soil, possible if it’s small container switch all and cut some roots and prune the plant, if it’s big container switch only part of the soil easier from the side, need average amount of water with good drainage, soil can be potting mix or peat soil with perlite, better not to use bottom for the pot.

Blooming information

When does bloom?
In hardiness zone 9-10a from late spring to midsummer and sometime late summer, hardiness zone of 10b-11a can be planted from spring to autumn, hardiness zone 11b+ can be all year

General information about the Bougainvillea flower:
Small white yellow flowers, cover with petal that are actually bracts the color of the bracts can be: white, purple, pink, light orange, red, purplish, there is a lot of hue variety

How to grow bougainvillea from seeds

Sowing requirement:
Keep soil moist and expose it to full sun

Saving seeds and care until sowing:
Dry and dark location

Sowing season:
Spring in cold hardiness zone 9+, spring to summer hardiness zone 10, spring to autumn in hardiness zone 11, all year in growing hardiness zone 12+

How to plant:
Better to put in mix of perlite or vermiculite with peat soil

Planting spacing:
50-80cm (20-32 inches)

Depth of Sowing:
1-3cm (0.5-2.2 inches)

Conditions for seeds germinate:
Lightly moist soil with full sun

Watering requires for Seeds:
Average amount of water

Germination time:
3-12 weeks

Condition of seedling:
Warm in sunny location

Subspecies – Cultivars and types

Bougainvillea brasiliensisshrub‎ with green and white leaves, bracts color can be: purple, pink, red, purplish, magenta, there are a lot of hue varieties between these colors

Bougainvillea buttianavine, hybrid of Bougainvillea glabra and Bougainvillea peruviana, bracts color can be: magenta-rose, pink, purple

Bougainvillea glabrashrub‎ or climber, bracts color can be: white, purple, pink, red, purplish, there are a lot of hue varieties between these colors

Bougainvillea peruviana – vine, bracts color can be: magenta-rose, purple

Bougainvillea spectabilis – shrub or vine, bracts color can be: white, purple, pink, red, purplish, magenta, orange, there are a lot of hue varieties between these colors

Bougainvillea tree (Bougainvillea arborea) tree, bracts color can be: white, purple, pink, light orange, red, purplish there are a lot of hue varieties between these colors

Multi colored Bougainvillea – it’s actually few different flowers color that can be from different cultivars and species that grafted on the same plant

Raspberry ice – it the specie spectabilis that is variegata green with white leaves
Temple fire – Purple flowers
Royal purple – hardy in purple color
Sundown orange – orange bracts
Temple fire – purple pink bracts (also known as Helen Johnson)
San Diego – red bracts
Imperial delight – white with pink or purple its bi-color bracts
Kuanita hatten – magenta color flowers
Barbara karst magenta color flowers
Orange king- light to dark orange flowers

Scientific name:


Alternative names: bugambilia, Buganvilla, buganvilias

How to grow Bougainvillea plant

Bougainvillea Multi color

Bougainvillea hedge plant

Bougainvillea plant purple flowers

Bougainvillea plant care

Bougainvillea white and purple flowers

Bougainvillea plant care

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Bougainvillea peruviana

Bougainvillea peruviana plant

Bougainvillea spectabilis

Bougainvillea spectabilis plant

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Bougainvillea min thai hedge plant

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Bougainvillea min thai plant

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Bougainvillea buttiana plant

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Bougainvillea brasiliensis

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