Radish black inside – Why are some radishes black inside? Is it edible if there is some black stains or spots inside radish?

Radish black inside

Radish black inside can be cause by disease black rot and mold it’s not recommend to eat, When Radish black from inside it’s edible and possible to cut it the black parts

Why are my radishes black inside?

Radish root infected and mostly when one can all the plants around it also get infected, When grow Radishes black spots its common disease, the sports or stains mostly black but can be grey, main problem that the yield of period impossible to use it or just part of it, it’s might repeat itself every year and destroy all the yield, it’s attack all kind of radishes,

Few easy solution for future planting

Different cultivars and species of Radish plant: Black radish, Daikon, Red radish plant, Small radish, ·  Watermelon radish,

Growing Container – take clean soil can be new from a sack that not contain pests or put the soil in the microwave for sterilization

Different location – when the location that you grow infected next time that you’ll plant high chance that it will be infected, try to plant them in different location

Planting Horseradish – Well this method has some problems, after growing horseradish need to wait 1 or two years to plant something after this, the soil will be clean

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