Calamansi plant for sale

Calamansi plant for sale – Easy plant to grow with edible fruits, planting in early spring to autumn, better to buy grafted tree, plant or another option to start from seeds yet more challenging.

Calamansi plant – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 8+, but also grown as house plant, water needed – average amount, light conditions – full sun to full shade, height: 2-4 m, 80-160 inches.

Blooming in the summer to autumn, flowers that appear in white color.

Harvesting season in the autumn to winter in round shaped fruits that appear in orange color and can used for eat raw, juice, the rind used fragrant, fruit leather, sugary rind

Alternative names: Citrus microcarpa, China orange, Chinese orange, Philippine lime, Limau chuit, Ma nao wan, Scarlet lime, Golden lime, Limau kestui

Calamansi plant for sale – Seeds or plants

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Calamansi plant for sale – What need to know before buying Calamansi plant?

Calamansi plant for sale

When choosing Calamansi plant need to choose by the fruit the most important things is to buy by the taste of the fruit unless it grows for ornamental use, need to check the trunk that there is no holes, pests and disease free, the soil clean from ants nest or other insect, need to check leaves that there isn’t distortion sometime it can indicate of disease.

Use – Edible Calamansi orange fruits used for cooking or making jam as the fruits are acidic. Calamansi juice on insect’s bites avoid itching. Calamansi tree is also grown as an ornamental plant with pleasant aroma.

Location – Full sun or if indoor you can use grow lights.

Propagation from seeds – If the seeds come from a plant remove the outer layer. If you brought them, the outer layer is probably already removed. Saw the seeds in the spring. Keep the Calamansi seeds at 20°C (68°F) and cover the pot with plastic wrap in order to keep moisture. Germination takes place one month after. Transplant the seedling into a pot filled with a mixture of soil and peat moss and sand or perlite. The seedling must be planted around 4cm (1.5 inches) deep in the soil.

Propagation from cutting – Make the cut in late spring or early summer, keep the soil moist in half shade location, important to create high humidity, by spray everyday foggers or to put in plastic box (transparent) need also go ventilation for the stems, and soil can be use potting mix or peat soil better to sterilize the soil in the microwave for few minutes, except this better to take of the water that stay in the box and don’t check the stem all the time it’s destroy the roots, use growth hormone can increase success.

Harvesting – The fruits can hang on the Calamansi tree for months before they are ripe. Before of this they have a sour taste. Time is to harvest when the fruit turns from yellow color to orange, choose firm fruit and avoid soft and over-ripe one. Pull the fruit gently or use scissors to avoid damaging the central stem.

Pruning – Prune after harvesting. Remove the dead branches.

Watering – Calamansi plant needs water when the soil is dry. In winter wait the soil to be 3cm (1inch) dry before watering. You can increase the quantity of water in summer. Important not to overwater the tree. Young plant needs more water than a mature plant.

Pollination – Calamansi flowers are self-pollinating, better not to be pollinate by insect because if it will be pollinate by insect fruits will be seeds.

Calamansi plant for sale