Bamboo orchid for sale

Bamboo orchid for sale – not so much hard plant to grow, grown for the ornamental flowers and for the leaves, planting all year, better to buy plant or another option to start from seeds yet more challenging.

Bamboo orchid – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 12+, water needed – big amount, light conditions – full sun, height: 0.5-1.5 m, 20-60 inches.

Blooming in the summer to autumn in trumpet shaped flowers that appear in purple, white or pink color.

Alternative names: Arundina graminifolia, Arundina

Bamboo orchid for sale – Seeds or plants

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Bamboo orchid for sale – What need to know before growing Bamboo orchid? When is the best season to start growing Bamboo orchid?

Bamboo orchid for sale

Bamboo orchid for sale need to know before growing that need full sun, big amount of water room temperature water, clean water (rain water) and high humidity,

Recommend temperature at day time 22C (71F) – 30C (85F) at night time 13C (55F) – 16C (60F),

Soil – moist, change old soil, cork soil, bark or bark chip, need new cork before start to become compost and acid recommend to use styrofoam to give air for the root, drained soil,

Pot – transparent pot, pot in that will be fit (not too big) when change pot need to cut the dead root better to grow it in the ground.

Watering – This orchid is watered with fresh water. Watering is regular throughout the growth period of the stems, in spring and summer. The water should wet the crop mixture completely, then it should almost dry completely between two waterings. After the rest season, watering resumes as soon as we see the new buds start on the base of the plant. Bamboo orchid likes a humid atmosphere where the humidity is higher than 60%, but requires careful watering. They are always sprayed with rainwater at room temperature. The substrate of the pot should dry completely between each watering, and the velamen of the roots resurface. This represents an average of watering once every 3 days in summer and once every 2 to 3 weeks in winter. In summer, watering is generous: the pot is bathed for about 1 hour, then carefully drained. It should never be soaked in a plant pot. During the growth of the new stem, liquid fertilizer, balanced, is supplied every 15 days. According to the species, a dry (resting) season can be necessary.

Pest and diseases – Red spiders and mealybugs

Bamboo orchid for sale