Allspice tree for sale

Allspice tree for sale

Allspice tree for sale – Easy plant to grow, with edible leaves, seeds and fruits, also grown for the ornamental leaves and it a shade tree, planting in spring to summer, better to grafted tree that it will be male and female plant.

Allspice tree – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 6-12, also can grow as house plant, water needed – average to big amount, light conditions – partial to full sun, height: 2-5m, 6-16 feet (in colder climate) and 10-18 m, 33-60 feet (in warmer climate)

Blooming in the spring, flowers that appear in white color.

Bear Fruit in the summer in round shape that appear in black color.

Edible part: fruits, seeds and leaves, fruit harvest in the summer and can be used for spice, cooked or dried, leaves can be harvest all the year and can be used as spice, cooked or herb.

Alternative names: Pimenta diocia, Pimento, Jamaica pimenta, Pimento, Myrtle pepper, Turkish yenibahar, Jamaica pepper, Pimento, Pimenta diocia, Pimenta officinalis, New spice, Clove pepper, Tout-epice, Pepper clover

Allspice tree for sale


The name suggests a blended mix of spices but Allspice is a single spice from dried berries of the allspice tree.

Taste – Its tastes reminds flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and pepper.

Uses – Allspice has multiple properties, recognized in herbal medicine. Allspice has a great amount of vitamin A, B6 and C. Its leaves reduce the pain associated with rheumatism. The Jamaican pepper is also used in gargles or in local applications to treat dental pain thanks to one of the components: eugenol. It has anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and antineuralgic properties. The essential oil is used to treat fungal infections. Allspice tree can also be used as an ornamental plant for its foliage. Allspice is used as a spice in cooking for seasoning many savory dishes such as stews, meats, rice, soups, marinades and sweets like pastries and fruity desserts. Leaves are used as a condiment. The dried seeds can be used as a flavoring agent.

Here are some growing tips:

Location – full sun

Temperature – optimal between 15 and 25°C (59 to 77°F)

Soil – fertile and well-drained with a neutral pH (6.5 to 7.2)

Propagation – from seed. Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the seed to germinate. Young plants are very sensitive to frost and should be protected in risky areas.

Watering – Water regularly during the growing season and less in winter. Better to grow in a clay pot.

Fertilizer – moderate level during the growth period

Harvesting – It takes few years for a tree to bear fruits. The berries are hand-picked before being totally fully ripen (fully grown with a green color). They are then sun dried.

Pruning – to maintain the size and shape

Pests and diseases – no pests and diseases

Allspice tree for sale