Vanda coerulea for sale

Vanda coerulea for sale

Vanda coerulea for sale – Easy plant to grow, mostly grown for the ornamental flowers and for the leaves, planting season all year, better to buy plant or another option to start from seeds yet more challenging.

Vanda coerulea – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 11+, but also grown as house plant with a lot of light, water needed – average to big amount with 80% humidity, light conditions – full sun to partial shade, height: 20-60 cm, 12-24 inches.

Blooming most of the year in unique shaped flowers that appear in blue or purple with white color.

Alternative names: Blue orchid, Blue vanda, Autumn lady’s tresses orchid, Vanda coerulea delicate, Vanda caerulescens

Vanda coerulea for sale

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Distribution – Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Southern China

Uses – extract from the orchid is used in the cosmetic industry in anti-ageing skin treatments. The juice extracted from the leaves is sued in traditional medicine against diarrhea. Juice extracted from the flowers can be used as eye drops against glaucoma, cataract and blindness.

Here are some growing tips:

Location – bright light but not a full sunlight

Soil – pH neutral

Temperature – Vanda coerulea flowers like a warm environment around 17°C (63°F).

Humidity – The plant needs a high humidity 70 to 80% in summer. The humidity can decrease to 50 to 55% in winter.

Watering – Large suspended plants with roots exposed to the air will need few watering a day. Plants in pot should be watered to always stay moistened. Water the soil thoroughly. Do not let it dry before two waterings. It’s better to use rain or distilled water. Make sure not to overwater the plant it would kill it. The plant should be watered every day during the hot season. It’s important to keep a good air movement.

Fertilizer – During the flowering season boost with a floral fertilizer. During the growth season use a nitrogen fertilizer.

Flowering – Bloom mainly in autumn

Repotting – After the flowering period, every two years, when the plant is resting

Vanda coerulea for sale