Miniature rose for sale

Miniature rose for sale is best purchased in the spring. Most miniature rose for sale comes in bare root forms. If you want to plant it, do so before the first winter frost to allow the roots to grow and get established.

The miniature rose stops growing when they reach about 5 inches in height. Its blooming time is in the spring and lasts for weeks. They make great household plants because of their size.

Miniature rose for sale – Seeds or plants

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Here are the growing requirements you will need to know before buying a miniature rose for sale:

  • Location – Place your miniature rose in a location that gets 5 – 6 hours of direct sun daily. For indoor placement, a kitchen or a sunny bathroom near a water faucet is a good option. Temperature should range between 60 degrees at night and 70 degrees during the day. Miniature roses will do well in pots that are wider than they are tall with decent drainage.
  • Soil – You can use a well-draining potting soil for this plant. Amend it with 2 – 4 inches of compost or rotten manure to add nourishment. It is not advisable to use soil from your garden as it could harbor insects and diseases. Dig a hole that is twice as deep and wide as the rose’s current pot. Make sure the new soil covers the root ball by an inch or two, possibly going up the stem to the first branch. Add some layer of mulch around the base of the plant.
  • Water – Mini roses have delicate and shallow roots. For this reason, they need an abundant water supply in a well-draining soil. They cannot tolerate drought. Water after planting and you should always water the top 2 inches of the soil whenever it gets dry to touch. The best time for irrigation is in the morning or at least by early afternoon to prevent fungus and bacteria from invading the plant. Also avoid getting the leaves wet during watering sessions.
  • Fertilizer – It is recommended to feed rose flowers in the early spring as soon as the danger of frost has passed. Give fertilizers to your miniature roses only after the plant has been pruned. You may use a rose or balanced garden fertilizer every 3 weeks. If you are going to place your roses outside, they may need more fertilizers than those kept indoors. Stop feeding your miniature roses about 6 – 8 weeks before the first expected frost to prepare it for winter dormancy.
  • Pruning – Prune by removing dead or diseased canes and spent blooms in spring. It will also help circulate the air throughout the plant if you have several plants in close proximity. Pruning will also stimulate growth at buds just below the cuts. Cut an angle to within ¼ inch of a leaf bud. Cutting too long will kill the remaining stem above the bud and leaves it vulnerable to pest and disease. Miniature roses require heavy annual pruning to keep them in top shape.

Miniature rose for sale