Dancing lady orchids for sale

Dancing lady orchid for sale – Easy plant to grow, mostly grown for the ornamental flowers, planting in spring to summer, better to buy plant or another option to start from seeds yet more challenging.

Dancing lady orchid – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 11+, but mostly grown as house plant, water needed – small to average amount, light conditions – full shade, height: 0.4-2 m, 16-80 inches.

Blooming in the spring to autumn in dancer shaped flowers that appear in yellow, red, white, pink, brown color.

Alternative names: Oncidium, Dancing lady Oncidium

Dancing lady orchid for sale – Seeds or plants

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Dancing lady orchid for sale – What need to know before buying Dancing lady orchid? Is it better to buy seeds or plant? What is the recommended season to buy?

Dancing lady orchid for sale

Dancing lady orchid for sale need to check in sale the viability of seeds if you choose to start growing from seeds, for growing recommend temperature at day time 20C (68F) – 25C (77F) at night time 13C (55F) – 18C (65F), need to change old soil, cork soil, bark or bark chip, transparent pot (for knowing the condition of the roots, pot in that will be fit (not too big) room temperature water, clean water (rain water), when change pot need to cut the dead root, need to change the cork before start to become compost and acid, recommend to use Styrofoam to give air for the root, drained soil, more than 50% humidity.

Better to buy plant, it’s possible to buy seeds but it’s harder to start from seeds.

Season to buy – if you plan to grow it indoor or in greenhouse that not effected by the climate outside there is no significance for the season, but if there is effect of the outside or you want to grow it outside recommend in the spring and in some location possible in the autumn.

Dancing lady orchids for sale