Carob tree for sale

Carob tree for sale – Easy plant to grow with edible pods, mostly grown for the ornamental flowers and for the leaves, planting in cold area spring to autumn in warmer can be all year round, better to buy plant, grafted tree, male and female plant or another option to start from seeds yet more challenging.

Carob tree – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 9-11, water needed – small to average amount, light conditions – full sun, height: 5-15 m, 15-45 feet

Blooming in the spring to autumn in antenna shaped flowers that appear in yellow, orange or red color.

Fruit harvesting in the autumn in pod shaped flowers that appear in brown-black color.

Alternative names: Carob, carob bush, Locust bean, Ceratonia siliqua, Locust bean gum, Locust pods, Algarrobo, Caroube, Ceratonia siliqua, St. John’s Bread

Carob tree for sale – Seeds or plants

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Carob tree for sale – When is the best moment to buy Carob tree?

Carob tree for sale

Buy carob tree in spring or in the autumn (not in cold places).

Here are some growing tips you need to know:

Uses – Medicinally carob tree is used in the treatment of obesity, high cholesterol, diarrhea, heartburn and other digestives problems. In food and beverages, Carob is used as a substitute for chocolate and coffee and as a flavoring agent. Carob tastes similar as chocolate, less bitter, with a roasted naturally sweet nutty flavor. Used to make carob chips and carob powder as a substitute for sweet chocolate caffeine-free.

Planting from seeds – carob seeds germinate easily and quickly at a temperature around 25 °C (77 °F). If the seed isn’t fresh soak it in water during 3 days. Then plant it in small flowerpot. Transplant the seedling when it is 10cm (4 inches) high in a fully sun location with well-drained soil. Carob should be spaces 25 cm (10 inches).

Watering – Carob tree needs really little water due to his drought-tolerance.

Fertilizing – Twice a year is enough.

Pruning – No need except they are getting too big or if some branches are going to die.

Harvesting – It takes 7 years for a tree to bear a fruit. The fruit is brown pod 20-30 cm (7-12 inches) long and 3cm (1 inch) wide. The pods must be harvested before winter. They are shaken with a long pole.

Storing – After picking up a dry pod, no need to process immediately. It can be waited until one year if they are dried carefully.

Pollination – One male tree should be planted for about 25 to 30 female trees.

Carob tree for sale