Capulin cherry tree sale – When is the season to buy Capulin cherry tree? What need to know before buy Capulin cherry tree?

Capulin cherry – information before buying:

Capulin cherry tree planting season it’s in the spring

Need to know before buy Capulin although it’s called cherry the taste more similar to plums, it can grow in subtropical, mediterranean, temperate or tropic climate and can be invasive.

Alternative names: Prunus salicifolia, Mexican bird cherry, Capulin, Capuli, Deste, Detze, Cerezo criollo

Capulin cherry tree sale

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Capulin cherry for sale

The fruit is related to peach, European plums, sour cherries and sweet cherries.

Here are some growing tips:

Location – Full sun

Temperature – Frost tolerance the temperature can decrease up to -8°C (17°F)

Soil – Well-drained with an acidic to slightly acidic pH (5.5 to 6.5)

Propagation – by seed or hardwood cutting. By seed sow the seed in a cold frame. It can take more than a year for the seed to germinate.

Watering – moderate watering

Harvesting – The fruits are ready to harvest when they are full color developed. The fruit can be kept under refrigeration about a month. The ripe fruits can be eaten out of hand or transformed into jam.

Pruning – to facilitate fruit harvest

Toxicity – It produces a toxin hydrogen cyanide that gives a bitter almond taste to the fruit. Any very bitter fruit shouldn’t be eaten.

Pests and diseases – few pests and diseases