Blue agave seeds for sale – Easy plant to grow with edible leaves, nectar and basal rosettes, plant the grown for the ornamental leaves, planting in spring to summer, when start from seeds but easier to buy plants.

Blue agave seeds – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 8-11, water needed – small amount, light conditions – partial to full sun, height: 0.5-1.5 m 2-5 feet.

Blooming in the spring to summer in cone shaped flowers that appear in yellow color.

Alternative names: Agave, Century Plant, Maguey, Agave azul, Agave tequilana

Blue agave seeds for sale – Seeds or plants

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Blue agave seeds for sale – When is the best season to buy Blue agave seeds? What need to know before buying Blue agave seeds?

Blue agave seeds for sale

Blue agave seeds best season to buy it’s in the spring and in hot climate can be in autumn, before buying seeds need to know that it’s glow growing plant, need small amount of water and full sun to half shade.

Uses – Agave tequilana is grown in whole fields to produce agave syrup. The plant changes metabolism and its sap is greatly enriched with sugar in the period preceding its imposing flowering. The agave syrup is then harvested to make tequila and mezcal, but also other products.

Soil – sandy soil, well drained, pH slightly acid to slightly alkaline

Propagation – The suckers are taken in spring and summer and repotted immediately. The seeds germinate in 3 months’ time at a temperature between 20 and 30°C (68 to 86°F).