Arbutus unedo for sale

Arbutus unedo for sale – Easy plant to grow with edible fruits, grown for the ornamental flowers and for the leaves and bark, planting in spring to autumn, better to buy plant or cutting or another option to start from seeds yet more challenging.

Arbutus unedo – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 7-11, water needed – small to average amount, light conditions – full sun to partial shade, height: 4-8 m, 12-24 feet.

Blooming in the spring, summer hardiness 7-10a or autumn- winter 10b-11 in bell shaped flowers that appear in white to pink color.

Alternative names: Strawberry tree

Arbutus unedo for sale – Seeds or plants

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Arbutus unedo for sale – What need to know before buying Arbutus unedo? What is the season to buy Arbutus unedo tree?

Arbutus unedo for sale

Arbutus unedo for sale – need to know before buying Arbutus unedo needs: well-drained soil, minimum cool winter, full shade to half shade, small to medium watering, when the plant small need to decide if it’s going to grow as tree or shrub for tree need to cut all the branches except the main, planting best in the spring and in hot climate autumn it’s possible, can be most of the year but not in the summer

Arbutus unedo for sale