Easy plant to grow, plant the grown for the ornamental leaves, planting in spring to autumn better to buy plant but another option to start from seeds yet more challenging.

Agave attenuata variegata – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 8-11, water needed – small amount, light conditions – partial to full sun, height: 0.5-1.5 m 2-5 feet.

Leaves colored white with green and leaves flashy and spear shape.

Blooming in the spring to summer in cone shaped flowers that appear in yellow color.

Alternative names: Century Plant, Maguey, Variegated lion’s tail, Variegated elephant’s trunk, Variegated gooseneck succulent, Variegated dragon tree agave, Variegated fox tail agave, Foxtail, Variegated soft leave agave, Swan neck, Smooth century plant, Variegated agave attenuate, Agave attenuate ray of light

Agave attenuata variegata for sale – Seeds or plants

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Agave attenuata variegata for sale – What need to know before buying Agave attenuata variegata?

Agave attenuata variegata for sale

Before buying Agave attenuata variegata need to know that Agave attenuata variegata has green leaves with yellow or white the variegata part can be only stipe the inner part or just the outer part of the leaves, it’s grow slowly, need little amount of water, full to half sun, it has flower bloom after several years, blooming once in a life time and after die, mostly there are daughter plants that grow vegetative.

Differences agave attenuata versus agave attenuata variegata: they are the same plants except the variegata version will have blue to green leaves with pale yellowish stripes.

Here are some growing tips:

Location – full sunlight

Soil – Loamy to sandy soil, with a pH slightly acidic to neutral.

Watering – Once a week during the summer. Water less frequently when the temperatures go down. Don’t allow the plant to sit in water. The plant is drought and salt tolerant.

Temperature – Grows well in high temperatures as a desert plant

Propagation – The plant is easy to propagate. By cutting the stems or propagation by seeds. It is better to use fresh seeds.

Blooming season – in the spring. The plant is a slow grower, it can take until 10 years for the plant to bring flowers.

Pests and diseases – Slugs and snails. Disease-free.