African violet for sale

African violet for sale – the season to buy an African violet plant can be year round with preference to the hot months. If it is grown indoors, you can still buy any African violet for sale as long as the temperature requirements are met.

African violet for sale

A herbaceous leaf plant, African violet is tropical perennial evergreen which is used as an ornamental plant. It has oval to round shaped leaves growing in a rosette structure. And it has a wide variety of flower – blue, pink, white, purple, or it can be more than one color throughout the year. An African violet bloom has five petals, yellow stigma, and grows on stems in a cluster.

African violet for sale

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Before buying an African violet for sale, first thing to consider is that as a tropical plant it needs more than 15 degrees Celsius of temperature to thrive. Temperatures below this for an extended period of time will slow their growth.  It does not need a full sun, and will do well in full shade making it a great indoor plant. Remember that strong, filtered light or bright shade gives the most bloom. African violets love humid rooms so a sunny bathroom or kitchen window can work well.

In choosing the type of soil for your African violet, pick a well draining one. This plant is susceptible to root rot if exposed to too much moisture. Once you purchased your plants, you should transplant them to the ground or to a pot as soon as possible. Try not to disturb the roots or break any of the leaves in the process. You may plant African violets all year round.

Always use tepid water for your plant. Avoid using cold water and pour off excess water that is not absorbed by the plant after 15-20 minutes. This plant only requires an average amount of water to stay healthy. Do not over water and see to it that the soil remains moist most of the time. You may water every week or so depending on the season.

As for nourishment, you can use a balanced fertilizer diluted to one-quarter teaspoon per gallon of water each time you irrigate. Lack of fertilizer or infrequent fertilizing is one of the reasons for lack of blossoms, blooms small in size and foliage that is pale or light green.  In contrary, avoid overdoing it as well. Too much fertilizer can burn the roots and may cause hard, brittle foliage. A well grown African violet can bloom all year.

You may remove dead leaves and flowers from this medium growing plant any time as part of pruning. And when the plant’s width reaches three times the diameter of its current pot, you may transfer it to a larger container. African violets like to be a little pot-bound. They are also susceptible to aphids and mealy bugs so make sure to check on them from time to time and remove any pests immediately.

Remember, African violets are not hard to grow. In fact, they are hard to kill. The key is making them happy enough to re-bloom regularly all year round.

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