Adiantum peruvianum for sale

Adiantum peruvianum for sale – Easy plant to grow, grown for the ornamental leaves, planting season in spring to autumn, better to buy plant.

Adiantum peruvianum – information before buying:

Growing information: perennial plant, growing hardiness zone: 8-11, but mostly grown as house plant, water needed – average to big amount, light conditions – full sun to full shade, height: 30-70 cm, 12-28 inches.

Leaves in pinnate structure in triangle shaped flowers that appear in green color.

Alternative names: Peruvian maidenhair, Silver-dollar fern, Solver-dollar maidenhair

Adiantum peruvianum for sale

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Distribution – Peru

Here are some growing tips for caring:

Location – Full to partial shade, to avoid bright light

Soil – Moist soil rich and well-drained.

Temperature – humid and warm environment. The best is a temperature above 20°C (68°F)

Propagation – By dividing large plants, divide the rhizomes in the early spring

Watering – over-watering could lead the roots and stem to rot. Do not allow your fern to dry out.

Fertilizer – Low fertilizer in the spring

Pruning – Regular

Repotting – each two years in the spring

Pests and diseases – Aphids

Adiantum peruvianum for sale