How to grow Salak plant

Salak plant grow and care – tree of the genus Salacca also known as Salacca zalacca or Snake fruit, Salak perennial evergreen plant also used as ornamental plant, can grow in tropic climate or as houseplant, growing hardiness zone 12+ ( possible to grow in mediterranean and subtropical 10b+ but it will takes a lot of year until fruit if ever bear fruits).

Leaves color green with shredded edges and spines.

Flower color red, there are male and female flowers, the flowers grow in inflorescence.

Salak fruits

Fruit color is orange, yellow or green, the peal like snake skin in brown or yellow, the fruits taste remind mix of loquat and pear, sweet and some cultivars with little sour.

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How to grow Salak plant – growing and care information:

Moist, high humidity, rich soil, acid soil 5-6, humus, organic matter, iron (a lot of time missing), in hardiness zone 10b-11 need to protect the tree in the winter.

What is the best way to start growing?
Plant / Seed – explanation bellow / Vegetative Reproduction – daughter plant separation need to be by hand (better use gloves) need after 5-7 leaves to start separation the first part put daughter plant few centimeter from mother plant (keep it in the soil) after few days if the plants looks okay do the same until full separation and then take it out of the soil and relocate it to the new place.

Is it necessary to use vegetative reproduction?
No, but easier to start by daughter plant and produce faster, can ensure the quality of the fruits

Difficulties or problems when growing:
Spines, the spines very shape and if grow indoor need protection

Planting season:
All year in tropical (hardiness zone 12+), spring to early summer hardiness zone 11, in spring hardiness zone 10b

Pests and diseases:
Weevils, beetle larva

Pruning season:
All year

How to prune:
Old leaves and stems and old

Size of the plant?
4-6 m, 12-20 feet

Growth speed in optimal condition:
Medium growing

Water requirement:
Average amount of water / Big amount of water

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing:
Full Shade when the plant

Is it possible to grow indoor as houseplant?
Yes, not hard the main problem it’s the spines – take soft metal fence and put it surround the plant

Growing is also possible in a planter /flowerpot / containers:

How to grow Salak in container:
Growing in container require, light soil, rich soil, can use in organic matter, peat soil, humus and in the bottom of the pot need holes and lava grit that will keep the drainage, to add material that will keep the soil switch part of the soil every few years

Blooming information

Bloom season:
All year

General information about the flower
Red flower, there are male and female flowers, the flowers grow in inflorescence.

Pollination is done by:
Bees, fly, (maybe wind)

Edible fruits

Fruit harvest season:
All year

Fruits pests or diseases:

What can be done with big quantities of Salak fruits?
Eat raw, jams, juice, ice-cream, pickles and cooked

Snake fruit how to eat
Peal the brown peal than take the pulp out of the seeds and eat

Work requirements on the snake fruit:
Nothing special, if there are major attack on the fruit better to cover with net

How long does it take to bear fruit?
3-5 years (in hardiness zone 10b+ take 7+ years)

Ripening of snake fruit:
Pickup before fully ripening and let it be ready indoor

How to grow snake fruit from seeds

Sowing requirement:
Rich soil, moist soil

Saving seeds until sowing:
dark place in room temperature

Sowing season:
Can be all year, but in hardiness 10b-11 better in spring or indoor

Planting spacing:
Better in separate pots but possible direct on the ground, 2-3m (6-10 ft)

Depth of Sowing:
2-5cm, 1-2 inches from the top of the seeds

Conditions for seeds germinate:
Shade, moist soil, rich soil, organic matter,

Watering requires for Seeds:
Average amount of water to big amount of water and don’t let it dry

Germination time:
1-3 month

Condition of seedling:
Shade and fertilizing after 5 leaves, keep the soil acid, humidity

Do the seeds require burying?

Scientific name:

Salacca zalacca

How to grow Salak plant

Harvest Salak tree

Salak tree care

Salak tree fruits

Growing Salak tree

Salak tree


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