Norfolk island pine

Norfolk island pine growing tree of the genus Araucaria also known as Norfolk pine or Araucaria heterophylla, Norfolk island pine perennial evergreen pinophyta plant, edible plant but mostly used as ornamental plant as shade tree or bonsai, can grow in tropic, mediterranean or subtropical climate.

Leaves color green dark to bright the leaves shape it's triangle with pointed edge, the leaf connected in the end of the leaf and produce rosette shape.

Flower small color yellow flower that grow male and female flower separate (can be on the same tree), grow on a cone in yellow to brown when ripen.

Norfolk island pine tree pines

Nut edible and are pines cover with brown nutshell, the nuts grow in a cone the color of the nuts are yellow-cream the fruits doesn't yield every year.

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Norfolk island pine care tree
Norfolk island pine plant
Norfolk island pine tree
Norfolk island pine
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How to grow: 

Requirements for growing Norfolk island pine care:

More than 0C, space to grow.

What is the best way to start growing Norfolk island pine:
Plant / Seedling / Seed

Is it necessary to graft or use vegetative reproduction in Norfolk island pine?
Yes if you want Nuts

Difficulties/Problems with growing Norfolk island pine:
Take a lot of time to get Pines

When is the best time to plant a Norfolk island pine tree:
Spring / Autumn

Pests and diseases in Norfolk island pine:

When is the best time to prune a Norfolk island pine tree?
All year

How to prune a Norfolk island pine:
Just when it's young to cut the brunches that not go straight up

What is the size of a Norfolk island pine tree?
20-60 M

Growth speed in Norfolk island pine:
Slow growing

Norfolk island pine Irrigation Water Management:
Big amount of water / Average amount of water

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing Norfolk island pine:
Full Sun / Half Shade

It is possible to grow Norfolk island pine indoor?

Growing Norfolk island pine is also possible in a planter /flowerpot / containers:

Plant growth speed: 
How much water the plant needs: 
Plants sun exposure: 
Edible Parts: 
Harvest Season: 

When does Norfolk island pine bloom?

General information about the flower:
Flower small color yellow flower that grow male and female flower separate (can be on the same tree), grow on a cone.

Pollination is done by:

Blooming Season : 
Flower color: 

When does Norfolk island pine yield:

Pests or diseases in Norfolk island pine fruit:

What can be done with big quantities of Norfolk island pine fruit?
Eat raw, paste, roast

Work requirements on the Norfolk island pine fruit:
Collect from the ground and cruck the nutshell 

How long does it take for a Norfolk island pine to bear fruit?
20-40 years