How to grow Hoya meliflua

Hoya meliflua growing succulent vine of the genus Hoya also known as Wax plant, Hoya meliflua perennial evergreen plant used as ornamental plant wax leaves and flowers and fragrant flowers also can be used as hedge plant or ground cover with help, can grow in tropics, subtropics, mediterranean climate or indoor as houseplant, and growing in hardiness zone 10b+ and in the right care overwinter possible in hardiness zone 10a.

Leaves color green in oval shape, the leaves fleshy and waxy.

Hoya meliflua flowers

Flower fragrant color can be: pink, orange, green or red, the flower is waxy in a star shape with little star in the middle, the flowers grow in inflorescence the shape can be umbel to ball shape.

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How to grow Hoya meliflua growing and care:

How to grow:, well-drained soil, high humidity, moist soil, spray water on the air root, possible to grow in hardiness zone 10 but better frost free and will need protection in the winter,

How to care:
Trellising, fertilizer few times a year, when the plant young need to put fertilizer that fit for growth,

better to hang from the ceiling or somewhere high better when weep down because it easier for the plant to grow,

What is the best way to start growing?
Plant / Seeds / Vegetative Reproduction – cutting possible to start by stem or leaf, cut the leaf or the stem, the leaf better to cut with the hand take care not to brake, wait few days in the shade, until the tissue heal, after this put it in the soil and let it grow, give the same condition as fully mature plant.

Is it necessary to graft or use vegetative reproduction?
Yes (very hard to find seeds)

Difficulties or problems when growing:

Recommended planting season?
Spring in hardiness zone 10a (possible until the mid-summer, spring to summer in hardiness zone 10b, spring to autumn in hardiness zone 11, all the year in hardiness zone 12+, the main problem that mostly when buy this plant it’s go out of greenhouse and than it cause problem when take it out in colder season.

Pests and diseases:

Pruning season:
All year

How to prune:
Better to cut only the leaves

Size of the plant?
2-4 m, 6-12 feet

Growth speed in optimal condition:
Medium growing / Slow growing

Water requirement:
Average amount of water

Light conditions in optimal condition for growing:
Full Sun / Half Shade / Full Shade for flower in light

Is it possible to grow indoor as houseplant?
Yes, but in order to bloom need to be mature, and that mean place to grow, so choose the place carefully

Growing is also possible in a planter /flowerpot / containers:

Blooming information

Bloom season:
Spring / Summer / Autumn (rarely)

General information about the flower:
Star shape with little star in the middle flower is waxy, the flowers grow in inflorescence the shape can be umbel to ball shape, can be in the color: pink or red, in order to bloom the plant need to be mature and this take between 4-7 years depend how small was when start to grow


Hoya meliflua fraternal – the different in this cultivars that the leaves are bigger than the usual, flowers color can be the same

Scientific name:

Hoya meliflua

Alternative names: Waxplant, Waxvine, Waxflower, Wax plant, Wax vine, Wax flower

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