Pulasan seeds – What need to know before starting Pulasan from seeds? How to grow Pulasan from seeds? What is the season to planting Pulasan seeds?

Pulasan seeds

  • Pulasan seeds environment high humidity, warm weather, acid soil ph: 4.5-6
  • Pulasan start to grow from seed:
  • Clean the pulp from the seeds
  • Soak the seeds few 20 minutes (not must)
  • Clean soil (put it in small pot)
  • Sow the seed 0.5 cm from the top of the seeds
  • Cover seed with soil don’t push the soil
  • Cover the pot with plastic wrap or give the seeds high
  • Seeds should germinate after 10-20 days.
  • Pulasan seeds sowing season it’s irrelevant because seeds need to be fresh, only few days every day the pass the ratio to germinate go down.

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