Growing Ginkgoes from seed – What is growing Gingko seeds instructions? How to grow Ginkgoes from seed? What is the season to collect the seeds? Where can it found Ginkgo Seed? When it’s the season to sow Ginkgo? How to transplanting Gingko sprout?

Growing Ginkgoes from seed

Growing Ginkgo biloba instructions:

Collecting the seeds from female plant or buy seeds, when collecting the seeds better not touch them the pulp contain Butyric acid better to put gloves or something like that.

Season to collect the seeds it’s from autumn to the end of the winter, the seeds need to full grown, it’s happened in the middle of the winter.

Remove the pulp from the seeds by washing in water and remove gently with paper or fabric.

Dry the seeds in open air on towels or something like that.

Put the seeds in paper bag or nylon (from good quality) and storage in the fridge in dark place or in the ground if you have enough cold weather.

Sowing season it’s for germinate it’s in the spring but you can sow the seeds in the autumn or the winter that will get cold weather.

Sowing the seeds in sterile soil (sometime the seeds suffer from fungal) to make sterile soil can put it in microwave, can use in turf soil or peat moss prefer to germinate in acid soil, need to soak the soil in water and take the soil out of the water and let it be moist be fully absorbed but not overwater.

Sow the seeds 1-2 cm from the top of the seeds, seeds will germinate after 2-4 weeks.

Gingko sprout need full sun to half shade if growing indoor, need to move than outside in the spring better in the night and place with shade and keep humidity only in the begging, to let them to get used the outdoor environment and then expose it every day to more sun hours and to the future location put the pot on the future location and check that got use to it before transplanting.

Transplanting can be after you see that the plant is established at least 6 leaves and not suffering from the movement, need to dig bigger hole and put organic material and rich soil, then to put the sprout with all the soil and the root, and put mulch and keep the soil moist.

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